MegaCommand // MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive

Then perhaps the MiniCommand is “empty”.
Connect via USB, and get an ArduinoIDE to proceed :slight_smile:

There are no USB port on the MiniCommand. I have connected it via Midi Interface, but it doesn’t appear in the HexUploader!

Unfortunately MCL won’t work on the MiniCommand. The MiniCommand processor ATMEGA64 only has 64KB of flash memory.

MCL is over 200KB in size.

MIDICtrl20 has been back ported to work with the original Minicommand hardware, but it is currently untested. In theory you could run a cutdown version of MCL. I attempted to do something like this but couldn’t get the binary below 128KB.

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If someone has spare time and coding experience, we could work on getting a super light version of MCL running. That would only include the chromatic page, and maybe 1 or two extra pages.

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MegaCommand Live 2.61 released!! :rocket:

MCL version 2.61 requires that you upgrade your Machinedrum OS to version 1.71.


  • Arpeggiator added to Chromatic Page. Accessible from Track Select Menu.
  • MIDI CC can be used to control MD Parameters across poly tracks.
    CC 16 to 40 controls MD Params 1 to 24.
  • Added many more scales to Chromatic Page
  • Chromatic Page now indicates when in POLY mode.
  • Added support for TRX-S2

Still available one? :slight_smile:

Originally posted in the wrong thread, I’ve a question regarding sourcing the components to build a megacommand:

I’m in the process of sourcing the components but there are a couple of ics and encoders I can’t seem to find in stock anywhere. My electronics knowledge is not adequate enough to tell if the possible alternative parts that are available would work. Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction?

encoders could be substitute with a different shaft length, or choose a dented encoder instead of smooth.

Dented encoder, same shaft length

(dented encoder, clicks when you turn it)

What other components are you missing ?

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There are 2 ICs I can’t find using the part numbers supplied on the bom:
The 74LS165N and was wondering if this would be a suitable replacement:

And the 74HC573N and was able to find this:

Thank you in advance, I tried to brush up on my knowledge first but figuring out replacements is too complicated for me currently and I can’t wait to start building :slight_smile:

This is the BOM for the old board.

It has the mouser part numbers I selected.

you can cross reference with the new BOM to find the component part numbers.


All clear now, thanks!

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these are the IC substitutions i had to make:

74HC573N ----> SN74HC573AN
74LS165N ----> SN74LS165AN
HC4050 ----> CD74HC4050EE4

haven’t tested yet…2 parts away from 1st test phase


Hey guy’s,

little problem here with SPS MK2 UW+. If i put a midi maschine on a track, then switch to step edit on my megacommand and there is no pitch control for the selected step. Other maschines got no issues. I also tried the cromatic mode and this causes a error and my megacommand shut down and show me a SD Card error:-(
Firmware is 1.71 and 2.61
Anyone with the same problem or fix possibilities?


Hey Frico,

MID machines are not supported in chromatic mode currently, that goes for pitch control on step selection. You can parameter lock them from the ParamEdit page though, this is not intuitive at the moment.

I’m not able to replicate the crash, can you private message me with more details.


  • Justin

Hi all! Just found out about this gem and I’m amazed and excited that this exists and is even possible at all.

Would love to buy a pre-assembled Megacommand Live as I have no experience with such an assembly, and time is an asset of which I have little.

Is this possible? Can anybody help me out?

Fingers crossed


Hey Petter, you can send a personal message to Justin and ask him. Maybe he has a pre assembled unit for you.


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Thanks Frico, I’ll do that :pray:

I’ve just installed the oled screen but I get an error when trying to the test saying there is no oled.h library. Can I just get any old oled library and install that?

You need to select the Megacommand/Midictrl core to compile the oled test.

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Hi all,

is there anyone who could explain the differences between BOM_1_0_1 and BOM_1_0_2? I mean: which components should I integrate in BOM_1_0_1 in order to obtain BOM_1_0_2?