MegaCommand // MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive

What the price will be for PCB this way? I might be interested in a spare, besides I may need MIDI/Turbo-MIDI processor/mangler…

it will be 5€/pcb + shipping (from France).
the price of the pcb is at cost, i ordered them yesterday at allpcb. I hope the quality will be there.


Nice work Justin,

Is the expansion port enabled? Or are both i2c buses in use currently?

Cheers. Some discussion and details on the expansion ports can be found here:


A stupid question:
what, except code modification, would be required for MCL to speak CV from MIDI input? I mean hardware-wise (daughter board, or … ?) and I do not mean 1V/Oct, my interest would be only timing information for the moment (trigs/gates/pulse). IOW: is there a way electrically to, say, send divided/multiplied “clock” data etc to Eurorack?

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If you want to sync to MIDI clock you need to create a class that inherits the ClockCallBack class.

class CVSeq : public ClockCallback {

    bool toggle = true;

    void setup() {
        MidiClock.addOn16Callback(this, (midi_clock_callback_ptr_t)&CVSeq::on_16_callback);
        /*MidiClock.addOn96Callback(this, (midi_clock_callback_ptr_t)&CVSeq::on_96_callback); */

    //Will trigger on 16th notes
    void on_16_callback() {
        //Code to manipulate expansion ports.
        if (toggle) { digitalWrite(SOME_EXPANSION_PIN, HIGH); toggle = false; }
        else { digitalWrite(SOME_EXPANSION_PIN, LOW); toggle = true; } 

   //Will trigger on Midi CLOCK message.
    void on_96_callback() {
       //Code to manipulate expansion ports.
       if (toggle) { digitalWrite(SOME_EXPANSION_PIN, HIGH); toggle = false; }
       else { digitalWrite(SOME_EXPANSION_PIN, LOW); toggle = true; }

Electrically you’d probably just need to boost the signal coming off the expansion pin. from 5V -> 10V using an opamp. You would do all your timing divisions in software as indicated above.


MegaCommand Live 2.60 released!! :rocket:

MCL version 2.60 requires that you upgrade your Machinedrum OS to version 1.70.


  • The Trigger Interface is now supported natively, removing all limitations associated with the original implementation.
  • MCL no longer needs to auto-save the current kit.
  • Track selection is synchronised with the MD.
  • Parameter locks on step page, using MD encoders.
  • Mixer Page -> CTRL MD parameters across selected tracks.

If you still have an extra PCB, I’ll take one. I’ve grown impatient.
If anyone is thinking of ordering from PCBWay, don’t right now.
Its been 2 months delay due to Corona Virus.

PM me for details and payment if you still have 1 available.

If there’s another one I’ll take it.
If possible drop me a msj


I bet that, given the renewed attention for MCL, you can t go wrong with ordering extra pcb s. Pretty sure there will be demand for it.

I ordered 10 because I figured others would want.
They’ll get here…someday…

The killer is that they’ve been fabricated over 3 weeks ago and it’s been sitting in “packaging” since.


Same problem of delay with allpcb.

Mine finally shipped today, so if you grow impatient…

The first hour with 1.70+2.60 was really fun.

Workflow is now almost seamless. I just don’t use features that can’t be done from the MCL and it is right enough options not to be creatively blocked.

Many thanks @JustinValer and @v-yadli.
When I thought you made it it to the next level (twice already) you have made it to the NEXTER!


My PCBs finally made it from China. I have 5 available if anyone wants/needs.
5$ + shipping. Sterilization included. :stuck_out_tongue:


Want one! from where are you shipping? or can calculate shipping to Mexico City.


i want one PCB too, including shipping to Germany.

I’d love one of these but my soldering skills are basic at best, so I have to ask, any chance I could pay for an assembled one?

Shipping from Honolulu.
Anyone interested, shoot me a PM please.

I’m not far ahead of you, but looking at the board, it’s pretty straight forward.
I actually was gonna build 2, and ordered parts for 2 (some substitutions on things as I’m not putting it in the enclosure provided), so maybe after I do one and it works I’ll concider.

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