MegaCommand // MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive

I’m aiming for $300AUD + postage. Each unit will be fully hand assembled + tested and will include a compatible Arduino Mega + SD Card + OLED display.

Basically what you see here:


Got my MD, A4 and MegaCommand out of storage. I’ll work on porting the display code over to the OLED. Need to confirm we can get that working smoothly before I order parts for the build.

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Made some progress with the OLED. The MegaCommand core is now compatible with arduino libraries (from what I can tell). Means you can use standard arduino functions like digitalWrite() with the MIDICtrl .

Next step is to work out how to include and use the Adafruit OLED libraries in to the GUI code.


Not interested in a pre-built one as i’d rather build it myself but if you are willing to sell some pcb i would buy one.

You can easily get a run of pcbs printed for yourself. Instructions are provided on the github.

I might sell a few kits for around $200 AUD if you want to wait for that.

yes that’s what i want to do but i just asked in case you had some spare pcb to sell. The kit might interested me but don’t know if i want to wait :wink:

Would you agree if i offer to sell some pcbs if i get a run printed? (it would be no more than 4 or 9 pcb)

Glad to hear your back on tracks on this project!!

Yes that’s fine.

I’m thinking of making a small revision to the board to include an ‘expansion’ port.
Expansion module may include additional encoders and or buttons.


I am def interested in one with this expansion port! Please put me down for one! Thanks.

If you plan a run i’l wait to get one from you.
An expansion port looks def interesting.

OLED is now working over the shared SPI bus.
The GUI code has been adapted to use it.

Frame rate is good and the display looks sharp.


Almost finalised the design for the 1.0.2a PCB

The onboard DAC has been removed, and the LCD display port is now deprecated in favour of the OLED.

2 expansion ports on the left and right hand side have been added. This will make it possible to link two or more MegaCommands together for more POWA and will also provides the ability to connect expansion boards to either side of the device.

Some expansion board ideas:

  • Encoders + step sequencer + multi CV outputs
  • Micro keyboard + CV
  • Sound modules


I have a problem with sd card. I tried 3 cards and 2 card modules. I often have ‘sd card error’. And this is my card after few attempts:

In what circumstances are you getting the errors and what card modules are you using?

FYI: You may get an SD card read error immediately after uploading a firmware because the card module is not given enough time to power on before boot.

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Are the RAM + SDCard test firmwares working?

To troubleshoot the corruption issue I’d try running running some SDCard read/ write routines using the arduino core and SD libraries as shown in the test firmware.

FYI. The SDCard breakout board pins are directly routed to the arduino mega with no intermediate circuitry.

ram test stops at this:

sd card tests are correct

(i havent soldered hc4050, i am using standard hd44780 lcd)

There was a typo in the RAM test firmware causing it to try and access memory locations above 0xFFFF. I’m uploading a fix now. Yours looks fine.

I just re-wrote the SDCard test firmware to actually do a byte for byte consistency check against a written 1MB file. The previous test only checked read behaviour.

PM sent about the SDCard issue. let’s debug there.


Found a regression in MCL causing MD parameter locks not to be saved.

I am refactoring some code and will have a patch released by the end of the weekend.


My MegaCommand is almost ready and I’m wondering how to fit it in my setup. Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve - is it possible? I read the manual and I’m not sure.
My main sequencer is Sequentix P3 which sends transport to all devices, including MD. I want to use MegaCommand just to play MD chromaticaly. I want to use first 8 tracks of MD as polysynth, 4 for its perc sounds and 4 as FX for external gear.
I would like to have possibility to sequece first 8 tracks with Sequentix and the rest with MD internal sequencer. So… how do I setup this shit? :slight_smile: My guess is…:
Sequetix midi out -> MegaCommand midi in 1 -> MegaCommand midi out 1 -> MD midi in-> MD midi out-> MegaCommand midi in 2. And is it the end of midi path?

Is it possible to filter out a seperate midi channel to control first 8 tracks of MD? So the rest of the tracks can play with internal MD sequencer recieving just external clock?

Please let me know…
Thanks a lot!

I need to enable MIDI merge on MIDI in 2, so that incoming MIDI data on MIDI in 2 is sent to the MD through MIDI out port 1.

I’ll put that on my list of things to do.


Thank you! So my setup is realistic to do in the future? :slight_smile: