MegaCommand // MCL 4.30

Sounds good so far. We also have discord if you need help in realtime.


I should be fine but can you send me a link to the discord (or however it works never used it before, I’ve installed it on my phone)

(Edit what size SD card is advisable I heard somewhere soon it’ll need to be 8gb at least)

Get a 16GB Sandisk ultra.


Sorry back again. All running. What’s the latest stable MD firmware?

Is there anything I need to consider if I need to downgrade the MegaCommand? Or will just sending an older hex just do the job? (As I just threw on the latest one, also so I know what manual I should print to get me rolling)

Also with newer MD firmwares can it still be used without the MegaCommmand?

Yes please, a simple intro video would be superb!

The latest stable release would be the latest firmware posted in the latest SPS-UWX thread: Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.05 Released [ Unofficial ] .

Not sure about any considerations when downgrading your MC, make sure you get the corresponding manual? Also some functionality might break depending on how far you go back I guess?

All the firmware releases leave you with a fully functional/usable sans mc, yet still new and improved machinedrum.

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Mega. Thanks. Gunna be a Christmas of learning all of the new stuff. I’ve read the manual and I’d say 50% is over my head but some of the performance menus like the track volumes look like massive improvements. I usually learn better by doing.
Anyone done a cheat sheet yet for menu/buttons? If not I’ll post whatever I come up with. It’ll be some naff cut/paste/MS Paint thing but I’m sure someone else can tart it up.

Hi, for those who have several Elektron machines how do you guys manage the pattern changes with the MD, you launch them manually from the MCL ? or is there a way to control that externally like a midi note , prgm change.
I currently have an Octatrack that is the center piece of my live rig : the MD and Digitone are both piloted and processed by it.

Slot loading via external MIDI is not implemented in MCL yet. So for the moment you need to load manually or automate using the grid.


How many more features planned? Are we at the “balance new features with available memory left” stage yet?

I’m not in a rush to add new features. But external control of slot loading, is something I’ve had on the to-do list.

Regarding memory, the main memory limitation stems from a bug on the Arduino Mega2560 boot loader, which reserved 16KB for the bootloader. So instead of getting 256KB of program space we are limited to 246KB

On the MegaCmds I’ve flashed a smaller boot loader with only 1KB footprint.
If we do need more memory, then finding a universal way to update the Arduino boards is a possibility.



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Hi Justin, is accepting pattern changes from external sequencers (like OT, Cirklon, etc…) on the to-do list? Any idea when that might be coming?

Nauts! I received my MCL two days ago - and it‘s AMAZING! I made a short tutorial for the first basic steps. Maybe it‘s useful for you.

(I filmed from a single fixed angle - so the MCL close-up in chapter three is a bit blurry. To be improved in future tutorials;-))


Great resource to have, congrats! However the programmer in me needs to point out that MCL stands for MegaCommandLive instead of Line, hehe.

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post moved to the MCL Tutorial thread

I just learned that MC can be used with the monomachine too.
I’m wondering if I can use just 1 MC to give both MD and MNM conditional trigs and microtiming features or would I need to get two of them (one for each machines?)

The MCL will only add new features if you’re using it to sequence a Monomachine from a Machinedrum. It won’t add those features if you’re just using it with a Monomachine.


D’oh! Damn! But: I expected Mega Command LIVE to be the OS - and Mega Command LINE to be the hardware.

So it’s LIVE for both?
(Good to know for future tutorials :innocent:)



MegaCommand is the DIY hardware.
MegaCMD is the hardware in new compact surface mount design.

MCL = MegaCommand Live, is the firmware.

Page 6 of the manual has some definitions :grinning:

MCL 4.0 Documentaiton