MegaCommand // MCL 4.20

Hello there!
The amount of work done is pretty amazing ! I need to build a MegaCommand. :sunglasses:
Does anyone have a spare PCB to sell ?


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Yes, go go go for it ! Still some things are not clear to me. Would be of a great help :innocent:

quite a bit i forgot to add, octave change + key position can be controlled from MD in chromatic mode. the MCL LFO page and Sound Manager are not shown here.
Assigning POLY voices and ROUTING destinations is done via MD trig interface.
Loads of other tricks and features hidden deep within. It’s another level!


this is wild :exploding_head:

Ok. I’m sold.

I’m sure something that goes through the basic functionality would increase interest in MCL a lot. As it is, there is no video on YT that I know of that shows this.

While I wait to get my hands on one, I have skimmed through the manual twice and have a question: can I only load slots to the column they are on in the grid? Or can I take slots from where ever and paste them on columns of my choosing?


yeah you can do this


You can copy and paste between different projects as well.


Do contact me if you are interested in PCBs or units, i might be able to help out. :slight_smile:

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I Will try to make one or two vidz, just got to put one MCL aside for myself and not be selling every unit i build. :wink:

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If you connect the mega command to a MD. I suppose the midi in and out of the MD is connected to the MC.

So how do you sync the MD with the rest of your setup?

Does the MC have a second midi in for that?


External Clock (Optional):
• A MIDI Keyboard, or sequencer can be connected to MIDI-In (2). • Attached sequencers can be used as external clock source.


Ok It makes sense.
This is so cool!

Just by curiosity, would it be possible to run MCL on a computer?

i think MCLs implementation of Elektrons Turbo midi protocol means you need a device that can handle this.


This has come up a few times. It’s not possible to do this right now. The MCL firmware is closely tied to the MegaCommand hardware.


Is the older other thread I asked if there was a way to specify which page of synth/effects/routing page.
As a code dunce, im looking through the github firmware (gotta build a new one as i broke my last one…so i cant just try).
The previous undocumented sysex you mentioned was just a toggle between the pages, but there would be changes coming that would help me in what im after. Does the new MCL firmware just automatically know now what page you are on? Can you point me in a direction in the firmware where i should be looking at/for this?

In the MDX.05 changelog, See: 0x32 Enable/disable Track Select mode:
Current Synth Page is encoded into the track select sysex message.

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Thank you. Ill have a deeper looksee, but on brief reading, this only applies to track selection and not sent with using trig interface?
For example, to modify the functions of encoders 2, 3, and 4 on the mcl from filter to other paramters depending on synth page.

If you enable “Track Select” , the MD will send the Track state (including the current synth page), whenever the track is changed or when the synth page is changed. That’s how we keep track of the current synth page and can relate encoder button presses to the corresponding params.


DM sent :slight_smile: