Media Molecule Dreams


Anyone else here stoked about Dreams? It’s a PS4 game coming out this Tuesday, and it’s looking IMMENSE.

It’s basically a combination of a DAW, a sculpting tool, an animation tool, a painting tool, a game creator, a movie creator (and whatever else you want it to be, really), and you can hook up everything to everything! So insanely flexible, and the UI is just perfect. I can’t bloody wait for it. Finally, I can make abstract silly architecture like structures, and have my music react to that in cool ways and possibly even make a video game out of it.

It’s been in the making for almost 6 years, and finally it’s coming!

CAN’T WAIT! :smiley:


mediamolecule make terrific stuff, great fun for creators - wish i had a PS4 for this, looks incredibly powerful


First I’m hearing of it, however as they were the original guys behind LBP, I imagine this will be really innovative.


It’s really promising, indeed. Lots of cool stuff made with the beta that was only out 6 weeks. I can’t wait to get cracking myself. Will use this thread to post stuff I make eventually. :slight_smile:


Dreams really is amazing. So many possibilities, and it’s so modular in nature. I’ve sketched a lot and just made lots of weird shit to get used to the various modes. Here are two audio reactive music loops I’ve made so far. Nothing spectacular, but it shows some of the things you can achieve with this amazing tool. :slight_smile: You can’t import your own sounds yet, which is a bummer. I hope they implement it soon.


Amazing !

Boy things have come on …

Ironically typing this whilst my son is genuinely creating in Little Big Planet


Rad! Much further than I’ve gotten with it so far. I’m starting to think the move controllers are more of a necessity than a luxury.


The moves really make a huge difference! They felt more or less comfortable within minutes. I can’t use the DS4 for sculpting to save my life. The moves are ace. :slight_smile:


Two more audio visual things. Audio from Elektrons and eurorack. Footage recorded in Dreams, but mixed in Resolume.