Media Molecule Dreams


Anyone else here stoked about Dreams? It’s a PS4 game coming out this Tuesday, and it’s looking IMMENSE.

It’s basically a combination of a DAW, a sculpting tool, an animation tool, a painting tool, a game creator, a movie creator (and whatever else you want it to be, really), and you can hook up everything to everything! So insanely flexible, and the UI is just perfect. I can’t bloody wait for it. Finally, I can make abstract silly architecture like structures, and have my music react to that in cool ways and possibly even make a video game out of it.

It’s been in the making for almost 6 years, and finally it’s coming!

CAN’T WAIT! :smiley:


mediamolecule make terrific stuff, great fun for creators - wish i had a PS4 for this, looks incredibly powerful


First I’m hearing of it, however as they were the original guys behind LBP, I imagine this will be really innovative.


It’s really promising, indeed. Lots of cool stuff made with the beta that was only out 6 weeks. I can’t wait to get cracking myself. Will use this thread to post stuff I make eventually. :slight_smile: