MDUW, anyone using (drum) samples?

The MDUW was my first piece of kit and have been using it ever since, howeverrrr…

I’ve never really loaded samples into it, am I missing out? If I’d be loading in samples I’d mostly load in hand percussion and drum samples. Would be cool to start layering with X.04.

So what do you guys think, does 12bit offer a nice character? I just wanted to have a small discussion before I find the time to add some samples.

Absolutely, the sample engine makes everything sound great.

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I’m the same, only ever use the UW for resampling, tho I use it all the time.
probably missing out too. might have to sort that out asap

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yeah i hear you. Thinking what to add, dont want to jamm it full. a few meaningful kicks and percs from past projects maybe.

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a few single cycles too methinks :ocean:

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wow, those work too? I had no idea. Any idea if sample chains are a thing?

yea, @waftlord just mentioned using a program to loop em prior to transferring.

also, I’ve never used the loop function in C6 but I “may” have heard before that turning loop on in c6 would loop sswf’s. I could be completely wrong tho. can anyone confirm or deny?


Btw not to brag (ok maybe a little) but I got this sweet non UW plate on mine

wow, some revolutionary tech you talk of.


I love the sampling engine so much I’m probably selling my digitakt.

It’s the bees knees.
Who needs an sp1200 when you have a MD UW?


looks lovely and clean in general. buttons etc too. v nice :sunglasses:

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tbh its the second one since the first one :nerd_face:

I just started loading in samples, and I have a mix of weird percussion, heavy snares, pads, plucks, and some single-cycle chains from the Octatrack.

I figure the chains won’t likely track well pitch-wise, but they should make for some cool textures.

Yes you can upload single cycles and set loop to “on” in C6 before you send.


oh man, that’s so good.
thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Yea, it’s nice to have for sure.
Good for some of the things the synthesis doesn’t quite nail 100%
909 kicks and hats, DR-110 claps, and short triad synth chord stabs.
Work those 16 LFOs, then send it all through an Analog Heat and the tracks write themselves. :slight_smile:


Ah so I’ve been underutilising the LFOs because I don’t get any tracks finished. Now nothing can stop me :sweat_smile:

Samples? All the time. More so once I got a +drive MD.

For traditional drums: I’ll use the same type of drum in each snapshot and swap out kits.

More often: I have kits with tablas, taikos and other types of drums/percussion including “found sounds”. Some of the samples can be warped into sounds not achievable using the other engines.