mdr.Volga: elektron stand


New, simple stand for all models. mdr.SA.ZANKA
please, welcome =) From Russia with Love.
In collaboration


Finally got a Volga landing this week - has anyone found a suitable hardcase to transport 2 x Elektrons on a Volga stand when folded up?


Not sure on height of the Volga when folded but maybe something like a small dj mixer flight case.


Could anyone let me know if that when the units are disconnected; if i want to travel with just one device will a PL-2 Elektron lid fit on the machine when attached to the Volga brackets?



sorry for the necrobump, but I have just gotten word from MDR`s Dmitriy that these are no longer produced due to low demand and because the newer Elektron units don´t fit the same specs… :frowning:

soooo… if any of you people have one you wanna sell, let me know!

OR: if more people want one of these folding stands for 2x oldschool Elektron units, he might be willing to maybe make another run! (he said so himself)


necro necro bump - yeah - I would be into getting a folding stand!


Dmiriy told me recently: it will be available soon again. Pls write him


hey thanks, I had been in contact with him shortly after I wrote this. :slight_smile:
Sadly, I now have a different solution (that´s actually not folding but still cool)

thanks for the update, though - I´m sure others will appreciate it :slight_smile:


hello world!
We have some mdr.VOLGA back in stock again.
If you are interested, please, send you request to
price with shipping ~ 150 euro