Md sps-1 stops suddenly!(SOLVED)


Hallo there,
I recently had a problem with my sps1 (hardware is updated to 1.63), when i switch it on all seems as usual, the Tempo led blinks, all parameters respond to the changes i make with potis and buttons… When i press play the Tempo LED doesn’t blink anymore, no parameters change and no sound from the outputs! Switching it on and off does not change the situation, i am simply stuck in this problem which looks at first sight to some digital bug. Anyone having some advice or solution?? Thanks in advance!
PS. I can upload a video of the machine if helpful


Do have the MIDI sync probably set to external ?
Do you have any MIDI connections going into/out of the MD ?


Clock source?


I solved the problem while reset the MD, sorry for this very late answer, thought it will be useful for those who had the same problem…