MD sps-1 MKii- saving P-locks? and other issues


Hey, I recently have been trying to dig into my first elektron machine and it’s blown me away how much more intuitive things are than working in Ableton. However, I like the idea of being able to use whatever machine I learn inside out in a live setting and I think I might have made a mistake by getting the none UW-Drive+. As far as I have been able to figure out, p-locks and adjustments to perameter settings are not saved in either song mode or as saved kits . I learned this the hard way after discovering my many hours of tweaking things just right vanished when I reloaded the saved kits/songs. Is it only possible to save this information with the +drive models via snapshots? I would hate to invest more time into this thing and not be able to use it live the way I would like - being able to recall and load patters/songs with the perameters adjusted and modulated the way I intended. The only work around I can see (which could be fruitful) would be to work on one song at a time and record everything into the DAW and keep it saved there. But that means no live further live tweaking.

My second issue is that sometimes I must be pressing some combination related to “pattern selections” that erases or changes my current set without being able to get back. Super annoying to have worked hard on something and then it disappears for no reason (or perhaps my lack of knowledge). Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing and why whatever I was doing suddenly becomes not recallable? An example would be I was working on a pattern with a custom kit and suddenly it vanishes and a TRX kit is taken it’s place and the patterns are now gone.
anyways, hope someone can help I have had difficulty finding info online.



Adjustments to Parameter Settings are stored at the [ Kit ] level.

Parameter Locks are stored at the [ Pattern ] level


Check [ Extended ] mode to see which one you are in.

Kits are linked to Patterns; i.e.

Pattern A01 -> Uses Kit 04
Pattern A02 -> Uses Kit 16

If you change Patterns, and invoke a new Kit, e.g. changing from A01 to A02 thus changes from Kit 04 to Kit 16; then you would lose changes you made to Kit 04.


How come when I recall patterns saved the plocks are gone? Everything is back to the default sounds. Am I missing something?


Maybe this :


no, extended is on, maybe it’s a bug? No saved plocks on any projects.


Are you saving P-Locks on Patterns?


P-locks are saved in the pattern, not the kit. Think about it: a P-lock is bound to a step. How would that save in a kit that can be used with any pattern?

Sounds like you’re mixing up some terms and concepts. Maybe time to review the manual?