Md mki power supply - help!


Thanks for the link. unfortunately it adds lots of money to post to europe. The mk1 isnt the best thing anyway and before spending 70 euro I probably use the ipad with modstep and elastic drums. My PSU is working but it is burried behind lots of furniture and other cables in my studio setup. wanted to have a small live setup and need the machinedrum mainly for sequencing the minitaur (as cv gate sucks from the a4) but I suppose the ipad can handle this.
Maybe they will release an octatrack 2 at one point - till then I am fine I guess. Would be nice to have a second psu but not for that money… .


Maybe search for this on other sites like or .de


Just opened the machinedrum MK1 psu and there is just a simple tranformator inside. So as it seems the current isn’t stabilized. I will look for a suitable replacement but making the psu myself should be way cheaper than buying one of ebay or amazon for 50 euros.


i lost my mk1 powersupply.
is there any aftermarket i can buy?

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Lifesaver! Bigup.

Mine just died tonight. Will call them tommo. Glad i searched this thread.


I’m confused with PSU specs / refs for respective models (and eventually confused with models too).
Could you help to complete / correct ?

SPS1 MKI > 6V2.5A AC (ref?)



All Mk1 variants:
6 V (ac), 2.5 A
Elektron PSU-1

All Mk2 variants:
6 V (DC), 3 A
Elektron PSU-2

Source: MD manual


What is the voltage range for the factory US Power supply’s 100V-117V or just 117V ?
Im wondering if you can use a US mark1 model in Japan



Hi there !

I’m trying to find a power supply but seems to be sold out everywhere…

Any tips for SPS1 MKI’s power supply ?

Many thanks, Akatana


Check with Elektron support to see if they can send you in the right direction for an official one.

Failing that, this one works:

My brother loaned me a MD MkI a few weeks ago, but he lost the power supply. I got that one from Ali Express and it works fine.


about 5 years ago i was desperately seeking for a PSU (desperately seeking psusan, i’m sorry, i had to) for my MKI, it took me several months but ended with this one on ebay, very decent seller, got mine with the right cord for europe, yeah shipping is just as expensive as the PSU itself but hey it’s better than having none at all ($35 + $35)

weirdest thing though when i got it was that the connector was different from the one that came with the unit and had a much better fit, it was really really weird, and yes i was the first owner. and it’s not like i have a bunch of 6AC PSU’s laying around.

the seller is called utopiadreamglobal,