MD MK1 Non UW still worth it?

Saw an MK1 non UW going for $700. What’s peoples take on that? I love drum boxes, and have been wanting an MD for a long time now, but is it better to hold out for an MK2?

I’d get a MkII… 64 steps better then 32 steps; ins/outs etc.

User Wave: Debatable; nice to have; but not the be all and end all; depends on other gear / usage?

+Drive: Can live without it. Also depends on the UW and if you are on the road / gig a bit / heavy user etc



Mi opinion is better MKII for several reasons already discussed on the forum

on the long run I have to change now I have both

  1. 64 steps is more musical or easy to construct patterns imho

  2. the balanced vs unbalanced output s

  3. for me sound different specially on the FX area way more clear and present on the MKII

  4. power supply is bulky on MKI some faulty connectors on older units are tricky

  5. lighter and slimmer better for travel live gigs etc.

  6. way More capacity and more ram/rom machines on the uw territory

  7. etc etc

Both units I have are uw so I never used a non sampling units I really recommend MKII


Right on gang. Thanks for the input. I hadn’t even thought about things like the massive brick the mk1 must have, and that the components on the mk2 provide better sound. I was aware of the 32 steps, which wasnt a deal breaker as sometimes limitations breed creativity, but cant go wrong on an improved sounding unit. Thanks again, I appreciate it.


Still have my MKI bought back in 2001, probably never let it go. :wink:

Agree with what others have said about MKIIs and recommend getting a UW equipped unit if you can find one.


Things to consider is the units are more expensive and the good are a few people making great things for the silverbox
more functionality and better than ever


I’d always go for an MK2 UW if I had the choice, but these days they are getting harder to find and are selling for pretty crazy prices. Truth be told I’d be more than happy with a MK1 non UW if it was the only one available and was selling for a good price. The ability to resample live is great, but most of the functionality and sounds that make the Machinedrum what it is can be found on the OG version. I rarely find myself changing snapshots on my UW+ and I can personally live with only 32 steps. With song mode and pattern chains even 16 steps is enough for me.


$700 for a non-UW mk1 also isn’t a one of a kind bargain. Bought (and sold to get a mk2 UW) mine last year for 500€. I’ve seen non-UW mk2s going at around 700€. Truth be told I thought I’d be using the UW part a lot more but even without it it’s my fave drum machine. So whenever a better deal presents itself to you, go for it! :wink:

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I bought my SPS-1 MKII (not uw) 600€ and sold my MKI 500€.
Wait for a MKII… MKI dont have elektron support anymore and the PSU is hard to find.


Thanks again everyone.