MD midi out per track


Hi, just got a MD sis-1 ! quick inquiry.
I have a module called Hex Inverter Mutant Brain, which is a Midi-CV module.

Does the MD allow for each track to send out midi. Like Track 1 on midi ch1 -> Tr16 on midi ch16, without having to set up 16 midi machines?

I can play my desktop OB6 fine with the MD trigger buttons (pretty sweet) while the MD is also playing the internal kit I loaded.
But when I try to route the midi to this module. I’m only getting 1 Gate output from the MD,
basically Track 1 is the only one sending midi out I think. I’ve done a factory reset on the MD as well.
I’d like to have the MD’s TR1-12 send midi to the module to generate 12 triggers out.


Without MID machines, each track sends the note set in Global > Control > Map Editor, only on base channel (Global > Control > Base Channel).

What midi messages your module need?


the module can handle any and all midi messages. but I simply need note/gate data to trigger modular drums from the MD sequencer. I got MD’s track 1 to send gate data, but its sending all of MD’s tracks to the same gate output 1 on the module.
I also was able to set up a MID machine on TR1 to send midi, and it also played the internal MD track as well, which was cool.
I got MD’s track 2 to send gate data, but the internal track 2 on MD didn’t play like TR1 did.
The Base Channel midi routing is a bit confusing.

**So, I’m not sure how to send simple note/gate midi data from each MD track independently, while also playing the internal MD tracks. My understanding is that the MD Map Editor is for setting up how it will react to Incoming midi data. I want outgoing midi data per track.
*Do I use the Map Editor data to correspond to the modules sysex?

There is a cool sysex editor for the module, but I’m not sure how to set it up properly for he MD:


There is no midi gate but Note On and Note Off message.

3 possibilities : edit MD notes according to actual midi/cv module settings, or edit MD Map Editor settings, or both.

By default, MD already send a different note per track with 1 channel : base channel. It is not very complicated. I would set the midi to cv module in order to match this first.

Maybe @defenestration or someone else using MD and modular would answer better than me! :wink:


if I’m reading OP correctly they are not attempting to configure things in the most trouble-free or expected way

@sunfalls my understanding is the design of the MD is such that is not expected that a track will be both used to send MIDI data and trigger an internal sound (I didn’t even know it would do this - assuming I’m reading you correctly) - it seems you are dealing with the quirks of a fringe MIDI use-case so if you want to continue on this path your best bet is to properly analyze the MIDI stream using MIDI-OX or similar to remove any guesswork


thanks for the info and replies.

“1 Note Per Track with 1 Channel”. So I should as you say simply assign the gate outputs of the module in the screenshot to match each channel note.

@defenestration - not so fringe at all. midi2cv has been around for quite some time. My Digitone’s 4 midi tracks are easily assignable to the module. the “fringe” here is the 2001 MD’s strange quadrant “base channels”, which I find confusing, which is what I expected.

this screenshot shows the midi to cv modules default output state:
I can edit the sysex file of this module to match the MD’s midi outputs.


I have used multiple MIDI to CV solutions over many years and am quite familiar with them, nothing I said has anything to do with MIDI to CV or your MIDI to CV module, and anything to do with MIDI to CV is irrelevant to the points I made and the fundamental MIDI implementation of the Machinedrum. I may be reading you incorrectly, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

If you wish to use a track of the MD as a MIDI sequencer you will need to assign a MIDI machine to that track, and at that point you will no longer be using it to trigger or generate sounds internally. You are attempting to combine these things, which is not generally intended usage and is not really accounted for in the design.

The MIDI tracks of the Digitone are completely separate from the internal sound generating tracks. The Machinedrum is not architected this way.


thanks for the info …!
I get it now for sure.
I edited that out. “slots” are global settings eh.


haha yes! the Machinedrum MIDI implementation is a bit convoluted and quirky, but rather powerful - was just typing this so might as well leave it here for others to read in case this thread is dug up in the future :sweat_smile:

global slots are primarily about basic MIDI routing options (send/receive CC, tempo, etc.). The map editor is about controlling the MD externally via MIDI, the map editor is not about sending MIDI, only receiving it. global slots are abstracted from machine/kit settings. sequencing 1 channel of MIDI takes a minimum of 1 track and the MIDI channel the MIDI machine sends on is determined by the number of the MIDI machine you select in the kit editor. Similar to the map editor settings the base channel setting is primarily about receiving MIDI and controlling the MD externally via MIDI


this only works with MIDI CC. the standart Setting is: Track 1-4 Mid Chan 1, Tracks 5-8 Mid Chan 2, Tracks 9-12 Mid Chan 3, Tracks 13-16 Mid Chan 4. you can at least change the order of all 16 Midi Channels in the Settings, that’s all. triggering more than one external midi instrument is not possible by default. but when i’m not wrong, you can do this my using the “MID Machines” on different tracks.


And play Machines at the same time, if I understood correctly.

So do you need triggers only or gates too?

For 12 triggers I would set the midi to cv Gate 1-12 accordingly, (trigger instead of gate possible?), same channel (MD base channel), and with the MD default notes.

Btw isn’t there a mistake in that defaut output state : (2x GATE 8?)