MD freezes with interface bugs

Hi Elektronauts,

yesterday i discovered a weired bug with my machinedrum. it stopped working and just freezed with symbols showing off all over the interface. i tried a factory reset which also freezed on the first few tries. later on the factory reset worked but it still freezes from time to time. latest firmware and as you can see from the image the device itself says everything is okay :confused:

cheers michael

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is it a Japanish version?

haha no i don’t think so

Mine did this a few years ago. It started to happen more and more and it eventually died. Make a backup today if I may advice.

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oh that doesn’t sound good at all. right now it is running but god knows how long. can’t do any gigs in this state. it’s really a shame because it was working for ages without any flaws.

Yeah, sorry I don’t want to be pessimistic, but that’s what happened to me. Same display glitches. Really, back it up !

thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Check your power supply.

Get a multimeter and make sure the voltage is ok.


this happened to me a few years ago. you might need a new CPU. i suggest you file a support ticket to check with Elektron.

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Not very reassuring…
It’s like Elvis is building a fence.
What MD versions ?

thanks for the tips so far, i guess it has something to do with the power supply, @muied_lumens thanks for the hint. the problem so far only occured in the studio of a friend, at mine it woked 6h straigth without any problems.

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I hope it was just that but it’s a bit weird.
What is your MD version / power supply version ?
Mine is Psu2 revB (UW+, same as OT).

same here Psu2 revB and MD is SPS-1UW+MK2 OS 1.63

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I had this problem a year or two back, checked the PSU and realised the voltage output had dropped. I ordered a new one and never had a problem since.

Make sure you switch off the MD at the wall, not just on the power switch on the back. Otherwise there is power going into the PSU constantly, year in year out. I believe this was my hard earned lesson.


True for all PSUs ? Common power switch if you use several machines I guess…

really good advice. thanks