MD + External Sequencer

Hi there
I’m using my MD with cirklon and it’s great. But i’m missing something and maybe someone could help me…
I am sending notes and cc from cirklon to MD and don’t use MD’s internal sequencer. But i would love to use both, but only record realtime parameter tweaks into MD. But for this i would have to disconnect the recording of incomming midi notes and i have no clue if this is possible? Otherwise the incoming midi notes getting recorded too. On the A4 i can do this with triggless trigs, but not in realtime record but as normal p-locks. On the MnM i ca do it by recprding f.e. only realtime filter movements and disconnect the amp.
I hope you understand what i mean and want.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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The thing is, you have to set triggers on the MD to be able to record realtime changes onto them.

Thanks for the reply. I know, and i’m shure there’s no way how this is possible… i mean i can do it from cirklon via cc too, but it’s not that inuitive. I thought maybe i’ve overlooked something, bjt you can’t have it all

Would a control machine with every step triggered do it, and then control the control machine? But that would eat up a track.

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Hmmm interesting idea… but if i run a pattern on cirklon it would record notes into md if realtime record is on. So only live tweaking works or in grid recording mode. But like motion recording won’t work, unless i delete the triggs that get recorded too afterwards and left only the triggs of the ctrl track. That mean i could record one or more ctrl tracks as modulation source and sending diffrent patterns from cirklon to it. And could then also make use of cc controlls and other cirklon madness. But i have to try it out… thanks for the inspiration

Perhaps putting a midi processor in between that filters out notes would help? Although this might introduce latency and/or jitter.

And i don’t own somthing like that… i guess

Obviously if you have a midi interface running from a computer you can run software for that.

Otherwise I use Blokas MidiHub. It allows you to route and filter all kinds of midi data, as wel as transforming and modifying that data.

I set it up with the MD in Local Off mode so that it filtered all sequencer data before going back in so you can do all sorts of probability and rolls and arpeggiation and randomization.

For the price, I’d highly recommend it given how creative you can be, especially with something as modular as the MD.

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If you have an interface then you can filter out the notes coming from the MD.

Thanks roger, but this won’t help since i don’t send out notes from md. Cirklon is sending notes to md… like i have an hihat pattern that’s send to md. I would now like to record a movement (for exemple srr parameter from hihat track) into md. The problem is it records the notes too, since there are no triggless triggs…

There’s no other way to record automation on MD than regular trigs so I’d let go of the idea. Record automation back into the Cirklon (if it can) or bring a 3rd sequencer into the setup.

Yeah i dump that idea. I could record into cirklon or assign a knob on cirklon to cc and record thd movement that way. That’s all possible, but it needs to be set up… and it’s way faster doeing it on the md. But that’s complayning and wishing on a high level :wink:
But i think i try something with the ctrl machines. Thanks anyway for your time guys