MD Black Screen

This is with a MD MkIIUW+

Just incase anyone else happens upon this thread with the same problem I thought I would share my experience.

I thought it was a result of screwing in too tight with some wooden stands I use (DO BEWARE OF THIS)
But I also wasn’t convinced this could have done that much damage, since the screws were short.

I opened the machine up and the screws definitely had an impact on the board but nothing major. I unplugged the all plastic board attachments and reattached them incase they had been knocked.

When I plugged it back in the screen was still f’d up but I did a Factory Reset and she’s alive and kicking again. I reckon it was the power supply connector.

Be brave (+ careful) before you send to Sweden for repairs.

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My MDUW+ screen started malfunctioning. Opening up the unit and reseating the cable connectors fixed my problems. It’s worth mentioning that all the connections already appeared very secure, but I went ahead and reseated them anyways.

The MD failed pretty quickly. It would quickly glitch out/freeze after launching, and then a couple restarts later started showing either a black screen, or a screen similar to the image posted right above this.

Be careful when returning the PCB board to the motherboard standoffs. It requires some patience to get those dozen+ screws lined back up.

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