MD/Beatstep Pro Combo

I’ve been thinking about ways to spice up the sequencing of my MD… it’s that age old problem of being used to probability and track scaling on the more modern Elektron boxes. I recently hit upon the idea of sequencing the MD from a Beatstep Pro but before I get too carried away I wanted to know if my ideas are feasible.

What I’m thinking is to use the BSP to sequence the MD from it’s drum sequencer but then configure the BSP’s Controller mode to map to key parameters of the MD that I want to tweak live (without the need to jump back and forth between instuments and pages on the MD itself). So, start the sequence within the BSP and jump to Controller mode for tweaking and then back out to play with what’s happening with the sequence. My query is whether the drum sequencer will continue to play when you switch into Controller mode?

Obviously you could then combine that with the copious LFOs and even plocking Ctrl machines on the MD so that it’s not double triggering specific drums.

Any wisdom gratefully received!

Don’t have my BSP any more but I’m 99% sure the sequencers keep playing when switching back and forward to controller mode.
I did find the encoders a bit fiddly on the BSP though, especially if trying t find exact values.

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You can configure the T8 machine for that on one track. That way you can have eight values of whatever track controlled.

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