MD-808 DrumPack Released


Hi! This is my first post into teh forum, maybe a noob one, be kind :wink:
I have an Sps 1 uw + mk2
And bought your 909 & 808 together, delighted with the sounds :wink: :+1:
but, i read all the manual, especially the snapshots part, and following your pdf instructions, every time i loaded one kit (808 per example) overwrites over the previous one, no mater i load snapshot 8 for the 808, or snapshot 9 for the 909, its gets overwrited, and i can only get one at a time on the machine…
What im doing wrong/missing?? T.i.a.!!


I dont have CHANGE in the global snapshot menu instead LOAD and not saving automatically the previous sanpshot, erasing it over :wink:


I am new to MD and searching for kits and patterns without samples - but I cant find the Valer MD-808 Kit anymore (links dont work)… any hint?



I posted this in the thread regarding the MD-909. Both links are still up.


Thanks, sl1200mk2 and Justin! The website was down when I checked today (1/21/19), and I used the free DL link above. If you get the website running again, or have some other way, then I would be happy to add a small monetary contribution to the cause. Keep up the great work, and thanks again!


Are those files working for sps1 MK2 too or it also contains samples?


808 kit has no samples.

If you load the 909 kit, you will have empty machines for the ROM tracks.


Thanks! :wink:


the link at the top of this thread is dead. Does @JustinValer have another one?


@faehnler_bii 6 posts above this… my username. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks! My apologies for missing it.


No problem! Glad to help.