MC 707 / 101 : New Roland Grooveboxes

Drum (each has 16 drum sounds), Tone (64 voice synth engine) and Audio tracks (with up to 6 minutes of sampling for each project)

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And play modes ! (fwd, reverse, rand, etc). Nice.


Nooooo, Roland, why no real sampling in the mc707? Whyyyyyy?

What makes it not real?

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Seems like it’s more oriented toward looping. No slice mode, no deep editing for one shot sampling…

edit: read on Roland website:

Record vocals or instrument parts, or import from your own existing library, then sequence or trigger phrases, one-shots, and loops.

Never trust musicradar…

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Does the manual or videos suggest an audio in can be routed to a channel and fx applied? Working like a mixer channel?

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not sure for the 707 (still reading manual…) but it was already possible on the TR-8S.

To bad it’s plastic just makes it seem cheap lol, needs to made out of metal

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plastic base, metal face. Same construction as the TR-8S. Lightweight but not cheap.

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I’ve checked out the tr8s it has a cheapish feeling to me,
not sure what kind of metal faceplate that is doesn’t feel solid.
My original tr8 seems like a toy and doesn’t even work anymore.
That’s why I’m not sure about Rolands quality
but I can see it’s improved at least from the tr8

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Challenging your creativity. Or challenging your wallet with polychain :rofl:

there is another thread where the new synths are discussed :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry! Will delete

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The 707 is pretty interesting. A screen like this on what most people consider an oldschool groovebox is such a good asset, something synthstrom should of included in the deluge.
I’m not sure on the synth engines, but having a SD card for samples is great. As @darenager points out though, this is a jack of trades and master of none. All the grooveboxes have been since day one. It is waaaaaaay better than the Korg electribes a few years back and looks to be playable machine especially harnessing the immediacy of the TR8 lineup.
@Bobeats did a great video exploring some alternative tones and expressivity as opposed to that horrible video Roland made to demo this. DT still looks way quicker to get beats down with muscle memory for me anyway. IF you want the modern day scatter feature though this is your machine.


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I miss direct controls in DT. Basically it’s great at home, not so great on stage. (I use a combo of DT+TR-8S there)

Those Roland demo’s are pretty good. (There are several others on that channel) they show that this machine is way deeper than it seems at first. (For example at 02:43 or 3:50)
Is Worth checking them out!

I feel like it gets way underestimated at this point

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I gotta say, I really don’t like the looks of it, that’s also the only single reason why I haven’t invested in a TR8s by now.

But I gotta say, it seems to be the missing link between a DT and an OT. Come and tell me that I must be wrong of course, but come on… Those Specs look great and some of the Demos really show a first glimpse of what could be done with them.

128 Steps, Scaling, Full Drum Kits available on some Tracks, full Synth Engines on other Tracks, live Recording / Reversing, … Sounds pretty dope to me.

I just still hate the looks of it :smiley: But I guess this time I gotta get over it.


Right, I had not seen those, I will check them out, that guy is capable and very tolerable. I should clarify I was talking about the marketing trash video DEMO in the first post.

Where did you see those numbers ?

I’ve seen the MC-707 at £879 and MC-101 at £431. Maybe you mistook the price with the jupiter-XM ?