MC 707 / 101 : New Roland Grooveboxes

I’m telling y’all. These MCs are sleepers. Super versatile and extremely fun.


I’m recording 8 different tracks into Ableton via USB.

At the same time. Using the knobs to perform on the 707 and automate assigned parameters in Ableton Live (delay feedbacks, reverb sends, etc)

Very cool

It’s also a nice midi controller.


I‘d love to try the mc707. I‘d have to sell some stuff first…
also I might wait till the price goes down, some people say the build quality is on par with other stuff in this price range

Good to see Roland is fixing bugs and implementing new features!

My 707 would hang sometimes on the FX PRM/FX DEPTH bug, glad that’s fixed now…

I like the new pattern chain feature, but I wish instead of “Play step length” they would have added a “Loop count” parameter, to loop a clip a number of times, now we are limited to 16 bars times 128 steps as maximum song length.

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Great feature update.
I’m loving mine so far.
To echo what others are saying this box is a sleeper.


I can’t find where does it say? Or how do you?

with this (1.30) update — yes, it’s a real MIDI controller now.

I thought the same thing before actually owning one. It takes a bit of setup to make it shine, but i’m rather impressed with the sound. Not that fun to work with tho…

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The 707 is a sleeper indeed. It has the depth of synthesis that I kept waiting for the new MPCs to add in an update. And, a sampler with Roland filters? Heck yeah!

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Tried both the 101 and 707 and they do sound great. Also great FX and the sequencer is fun as well.

The overall sound does have that typical ‘rompler shine’ to it (more compared to say a boutique) in my experience, but easily masked with the amount of FX available.

I got a 707 to have more editing capabilities, since the 101 is lacking in that department, but the editing on the 707 wasn’t fun at all… not even a bit…
If you have something against menu diving better think twice before getting one I would say.

Eventually I liked the 101 more, but choose to send both back and stick with a Deluge instead.


Yeah starting to reconsider my impressions now that I’ve heard more demos of people using only their own sounds. But indeed, doesn’t seem to be the most fun at least without an external controller.

It would be great if Roland put out a thorough and well-designed software editor for these two machines.


My hopes are that Roland puts out the system exclusive info and to then set up the Electra One controller that I’m still waiting for.

The menu diving isn’t any worse than the jv/xp/integra7. I just wish it showed the envelope shapes like some of those models did. Number only representations of time and level hasn’t 100% clicked in my brain just yet.


Would love an editor, both on ios and osx. If i could hook my ipad via the usb, that would be perfect.

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Ah yeah that would be great.

Anyone uses 707 & OT? To this seems a pretty solid Match!


I do. Solid pairing for sure.

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atm minimal set, I’m preparing an after corona techno mayhem for my friends.
lfo, cc, note plocks ot->707
ot out -> 707 ext in for long stems

I plan to route a track from 707 into a thru machine from ot, and send via cue back into 707 for comb - fader -filter.
midi cc 80, 81, 82 is that what you put assing with knob assign on the 707.

But scatter fx ony works with things entered into the sequencer of 707. Thats a bummer.
You can sequence on ot, use cue functionality on 707 to preliste with headphones.
You can make every clip on 707 as own instrument. so you can use one sequence on ot, but different sound on 707.

2 metal suitcases, one small backpack for cables & headphones. pretty smol.


I use a 101 with my OT. Pretty good intégration. Saves a lot of ressources on the OT.

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What do you mean by that ? Scatter FX is an audio effect so it affects any audio that goes out of the 707 (even the metronome)

Graphics for envelopes would be dope.

I just sequenced from octatrack, and pushed thos scatter buttons, nothing happended.
Maybe I should try again? :wink: