MC 707 / 101 : New Roland Grooveboxes

Is this a new bug in firmware 1.20? Or has this always been like this?

If you press shift+multi to select a different global multi effect other than the default “multi mode filter” the FX PRM and FX DEPH knobs have no useful mapping most of the time… the screen just says [fx name] :Color [knob value] and [fx name]: Tone [knob value] but the chosen parameters don’t make sense for the selected effect?

I thought that the two knobs were always mapped to usefull parameters for each global multi effect for example: dry/wet balance or delay time etc. depending on the chosen multi effect for live tweaking.

[update, seem my post below, I guess this is part of some kind of bug while browsing different global multi effects. I hope we can reproduce it and report it to Roland so it can get fixed]

Wow this must really be some kind of bug! I turned the MC 707 off and back on and tried again, everything works normally when I use the small knobs under the screen to switch the global multi effect!

Then used the big value knob and the whole unit froze and wouldn’t even turn off so I had a unplug the power supply!!?!

Super weird, I did the recommended factory reset after the update…

So far my unit had been super stable, no freezes or issues until now, did another factory reset just to be sure… now the FX knobs works as expected again, I hope this was a one off glitch :no_mouth:

Geez, I seem to have missed this update release! If sending pgm chng works now for ext MIDI and the pads also send notes to ext MIDI (= no more ext keyb necessary), I’m going to be really pleased with this update. Getting folder support is also super, now a bigger memory card might actually start making sense!

I’m grateful for this update. Haven’t really used my 101 after buying it because it was missing these crucial features. Now I can really incorporate it into my new minirig :nyan:

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what i like most about this update is the ability to load a whole line of clips from another project — up to 8 at once.
not a scene, but who cares.
this makes changing projects totally unnecessary. now it’s possible to play absolutely gapless 2-hour gig/set without going crazy loading clips one by one.


Sell to me at a great discount :joy:


Okay I’m pretty interested in this now. How are the synth engines? Is anyone actually making some unique sounds with it or mainly sticking to the presets because of all the menus?


Sampling hardware synths now


Performed the update on my MC101. Is it just me or boot times are faster now ?

well, two things.
the 2nd is double harmonic major scale.
it’s called Raga Bhairav, but it’s there.
i always wondered why gear with scale mode feature typically has double harmonic minor (aka Gypsy), but omit double harmonic major.
nice work Roland.

Can you only slice recorded samples? Not loops you load from the SD card? Curious

Do you know if this also works on the 101? sounds like a great feature!

i don’t see this feature mentioned in update pdf for 101, so seems like the answer is no.

what a pity! o well

Almost sold my 707 I’m glad nobody grabbed it now, auto-slice was the feature I stopped waiting for !

Updated just now. Happy to report that the pads indeed play MIDI now even on the 101! Pgm chng also works, but with a catch: when you change a clip, the pgm chng gets sent as soon as you select the next clip, which is awkward cuz the MIDI synth will change patch while still finishing to play the pervious clip… This behaviour is nowehere ideal, but at least its workable and means that I don’t have to bother manually memorizing which patch to select for my first 16 pattns.

Hmm, actually not sure if this is a good solution for ext pgm chng woes… I wish the pgm chng value could be tied to the clip data instead of its placement on the grid… because this means headaches a coming as soon as you’ve burned through your first 16 pattns :zonked: Roland needs to come up with a more elegant solution!

But at least now I don’t need to lug a MIDI keyboard around just for auditioning my ext MIDI sequences before actually recording them in.

EDIT: I think I figured a workaround for the awkward MIDI pgm chng behaviour. If you select an empty clip before switching to the next clip, pgm chng gets sent OK and sounds do not change in the middle of a pattn. So always leave one blank clip on every MIDI track folks :wink:


Hmm having trouble updating my MC-707 I’m doing all they say below:

STEP 1: Updating the MC-707 System Program

Use the following procedure to update the MC-707 using and SD card.

  1. Download the “MC707_UPA_up.bin” to you computer.
  2. Copy the “MC707_UPA_up.bin” file to the root folder of the SD card.
  3. If you’re using a new SD card, format it on the MC-707 first.
  4. Safely remove the SD card from your computer and carefully insert it into the MC-707.
  5. With the unit switched off, hold down the [ SHIFT ] button and turn the MC-707 on. The update will then start.
  6. The message “Complete!!” will appear on the display once the update process is complete.
  7. Restart the unit.

When I hold shift and power up I get a message No update file



Sorted… it just worked :+1:


I want to make a smol setup. I plan to use the deluge for synth stuff, a drumcomputer for… yeah, drums, and my octatrack for prepared stuff, mixer, performance sampler.

Now I use in this mini setup an tr-8s as drums. I love it - i really love my tr-8s. But it is also a bit big and takes place on tables that might be too small.

I’m trying to find something that replaces the tr-8s if I want to keep that setup smaller, and I don’t want to use the digitakt for that.

That’s where I thought of the 101. the small faders and 4 performance knobs, the scatter fxes (and if i really need a synth… theres something there) looks appealing to me - if i only look at this box as drumcomputer.
I thought of track1: kick, track2 short perc like: snare, claps, etc., track3: hats, track4: long percussion…

What do you think about that - would you miss something from the 101 if you only want to do drum stuff with it?

Selling my MPC Live now cause of the bad midi sync… Getting an 707 tho, to go with the octa. Love those jams you posted btw!

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