May i introduce: "Secret Friend" and "Temporarium Secretarium", a Digitone Drum Machine Trilogy in the making

Click Here for Secret Friend!

the digitone is currently my favourite drum machine, mainly since i used it so much in “LYV”. this made me create “Temporarium Secretarium” which is a max for live device that generate drum patches. the sound palette is pretty broad and ranges from functional to semi-experimental. the idea is pretty simple; drop the device on a midi track, select the type of voice you want to generate, send it to the appropriate channel and hit “Generate Sound” to generate locally or “Generate Kit” to generate all four sounds (given that you loaded all of four of them and routed them to their respective channels). you can then just save your sounds on the DTN - a workflow that i enjoy very much. “Temporarium Secretarium” is now included with “LYV” so if you already got it just redownload from BC, otherwise get it here (requires live 10 and m4l) :

on a side note: if you are broke / down and you think “Temporarium Secretarium” can help send me a PM and ill send you a copy, no quesitons asked.


Mac approves!

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i love this one @IanEye

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I neeeedaaaaa !!!



Instant buy, both for the album and the m4l device.

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@qlamerand thank you :black_heart:. looking fwd to hear what ppl come up with when they use it


This is great :fish:


@finalform hehe, would have made a nice name!

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I bought the release the other day, looking forward to trying this out!


looking fwd to hear what you come up with!


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Awesome! Would you consider releasing the max patch? Curious about what’s going on under the hood


@Anfim thank you! :heart: the insides are also completely visible when editing the m4l device so you can see it anyways, or do you mean for ppl that dont own m4l? im also considering making a standalone app out of it, not sure how to distribute it tho and i think BC will be tricky for that

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this is really fun. thank you!

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Ah no that’s cool, just wanted to see how it works. Will do some digging. Ty

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version 1.01 is up, added a clap module


:fire: :fire:

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I don’t have a DN at the moment but I just wanted to say the name of this is absolutely brilliant.


Man this basically makes this thing a machine drum , stupid cool.