Massive X


I’ve tried to play around with it a bit but my CPU can’t cope, and I’m on a maxed-out 2015 MBP. The only other plugins I use that make my machine struggle this much are… other NI plugins. But I need to push those fairly hard first. Massive X goes apeshit just being open.

I wish they would finally start taking performance issues more seriously.


Always the best way in my estimation. I’m unsure how to quantify it but it feels like a notable percentage of posts in any thread about a new product seem to be people being frustrated by expectations not being met.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. For a while I’ve been thinking that Reaktor 6 has the potential to be a really amazing hardware device in the same vein as the Nord Modular. With the release of Racks there would even be potential to not limit it to factory blocks as there’s now the likes of Unfiltered Audio and Toybox making them available through Native Access.


think it must still have bugs, Mac demo crashes as soon as you try to look at the non existent presets


I have a pre-retina mid 2012 MBP i7 and it runs just fine? It only starts eating CPU once you start playing and then it’s still only 30% max at really complex patches but I have that with an older synth like Rounds as well.


It’s included in Komplete 12 so you can play with it now.
There’s a sale on so I upgraded to 12 for £79. Una Corda was really what made me do it but Massive X is the cherry on top.


Yeah, I know that’s on and it is tempting but I really do have plenty to keep me occupied - especially as I’m seriously tempted by another bit of hardware… For me, £79 would get me MassiveX, Una Corda, TRK-01, Form, a bunch of sampled stuff, and some more effects. Which is an absolutely steal in any person’s language.

But you know with NI there will be further sales so, by the time K13 comes out there will be even more to not have enough time to devote to.


I also have a 2015 MacBook Pro which I purchased about 2 years ago and kept it in good condition. Reaktor runs perfectly fine on mine though. Now I’m thinking my laptop is getting outdated pretty fast!!


Yup. Down to the wire but I have this urge not to upgrade right now. I have more than I need. They’ll have another sale in December and about this time next year.


True, I’m a sucker and I know once they put Noire (Nils Frahm’s grand piano) in K13 then I’ll be all over it.


2011 13" MacBook Pro here. Massive X working fine.


No manual yet. Anyone found a half-decent video guide?


I’m digging the Massive X. I said I wasn’t going to get the K12 upgrade. But I did

The sounds are super clean.


I read about this aliasing thing this weekend and tested it today. I think its a non issue because the harmonic peaks on a sine are below - 90 db. I also doubt that the cause is aliasing, because the behaviour doesnt change when I switch from 44 to 96 khz in the host.

For me massive x sounds too clean and sometimes overproduced. Im missing a lot of dirt that i get when using a module from noise engineering.

but thats what I think from most softsynths out there:


MX tables


Not a fair comparison but all the pad presets just sound like an “outline” or “shell” of a sound compared to the pads on my OB6. You just can’t replicate analog oscillators with software convincingly, end of story.