Massive X


Holy crap - new massive ??
pretty hard to improve on that beast.


In my opinion after playing with it for a few days it is a very disappointing release and not a patch on Avenger if you want a really semi flexible modular WT synth. I suspect they rushed it out as it was so late as it has a ton of missing basic features (such as midi learn!) and it has zero visual feedback of what’s going on- even those ADSR graphics are ‘painted on’ - they don’t change when you move the dials.

Pretty poor show from NI after all this time, I have it about 4th against the current crop of WT synths…not god for a new release from a big developer, but the Kontakt 6 was a massive disappointment also, if you excuse the pun!


even those ADSR graphics are ‘painted on’ - they don’t change when you move the dials

wow… this would be hard to defend even for a solo developer with zero budget/time. what’s going on over there?


Then go on dude. Nothing stops you making generic EDM and flying round the world with Guetta and all the other bro’s. :wink:


If I ever put in lots of effort , finish a track , album , dj , make vids , work hard and have lots of luck maybe I could.

I think at almost 49 my ship has sailed , even if I magically obtained mystical amounts of talent to make up for being old.

I’m not dismissing the work they’ve put in and success they’ve had , I’m just not a fan of ‘edm’ and how it has been received as new , I prefer electronic stuff from 90’s onwards like rave , jungle , techno , idm etc.
I wish everyone trying to do their own thing in music all the success they can get.


I must agree. Massive 1.5 with updated filter models and new wavetables would have been much better than the 2.0 that was released.


It seems the jump to higher spec hardware , especially graphic / rendering requirements would inevitably throw up issues but they seem to continue to support things soo expect it’ll get patched for the next few years .

The sonic state vid mentioned user feedback being an issue , something I found with nuxx / another recent plugin I Demod.
Many have the drag to modulate a ‘thing’ interface , reinforcing what’s going on is important.
And the standard things like envelope shapes is risky to miss off / get wrong on 1st release.


Well, same here. I’m happy that my tracks get played in places like Tresor rather than the radio, Coachella or commercial radio.

I value integrity over success any day. Jumping on the latest hype train to “make it” was never an option.
Hence my comment what amurrica brostep crap did to the cool and fresh vibes from early UK dubstep. And Massive played a massive (pun intended) role.


I do also have to give credit to skrillex , Deadmau5 , diplo etc , they’re the leaders in that genre which is no easy thing to do.

For many people where I can relate to autechre , boards of Canada etc I’m sure many younger people feel the same about skrillex , guetta and the cake bloke.


I had a bit of a long and uninteresting train journey today and read more than i should’ve of the ongoing discussion on KVR about it. My interpretation was that again, some of his understanding and methodology fell below the standards that people should rightly expect.

Ultimately, I don’t think my opinion on the synth has changed overly much… I’m sure it is decent and I’m sure I’ll enjoying playing about with it in 2020/21 or whenever the next version of Komplete comes out.


Sorry, I don’t wanna pee on your parade But these dudes just took what urban kids in UK created and covered it in neon green bubblegum festival paint with an extra lot of wub wub and drrrrrrrrooooooooooooopppppp.

Sorry, they’re not leaders in any way.

Wrong thread though, I know.


Thinking about getting Massive X although I don’t really want my music to be classified as edm/dubstep… Is there any other stuff this VST can make besides all that?


If it’s anything like the OG Massive you’ll be able to make almost any sound you can think of, within your abilities/abilities of X, of course.


Absolutely, they took an existing sound , sprinkled it , good marketing but I still think they’ve had an impact on dance music and rode the wave of a resurgence in America being interested in dance and what was thought to be ‘raving’

FYI , I’m British , nearly 50 , been listening to dance stuff from mid 80’s , lived in Manchester during ‘madchester’ when it was all Hoover sounds , white label prodigy , fsol , and London during jungle and genres and still up do date on stuff

Not a fan of Edm and the assumption it’s ‘new’ but I think they do deserve some credit.

Anyway. I’m sure massive x will evolve , I quite liked razor.


Yes, og Massive was also heavily linked with edm/dubstep but at one point in history Pianos were linked with classical and guitars with flamenco but all of that is just what instrumentation the artists of that style chose to use/had available. A recent example would be disasterpeace which composed the music in FEZ and Hyperlight Drifter using only og Massive.


That’s like asking “can a guitar do more than country”. Of course, it can. It can even do things which haven’t a name yet … :wink:


We need one of those YouTube “vs.” videos, e.g.

“Battle of Dubstep: Digital Mystikz vs Skillrex”

…aiaiai :slight_smile:

“We don’t want no war tonight…”


Just downloaded the demo to test it out… Problem is that once I open Massive X my laptop gets real noisy and heated, sounds like it’s going to blow up!!


I played with the init patch for a bit tonight and I have to say I really like it! It’s very easy and quick to get some really moving organic sounds from it. Keep in mind that I’m not comparing it to anything, just taking it for what it is.


Ni is changing their software to a new level, they are building a new platform for standalone (non computer) software. They already released traktor 3 pro, soon there will be standalone mixer/deckw. October we can expect maschine 3, hopefully with new standalone hardware. Maybe this massive x is also standalone soon. Might be a good reason to upgrade their software