Marketplace Access changes

Am I missing something? Has the marketplace been killed off, without any kind of announcement?

I’m wondering because I had my A4MK2 advertised for sale and now it appears that the Marketplace buy/sell pages don’t even exist…

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The Marketplace is available to users with a modest Trust rating which reflects basic active involvement on a number of fronts. This is to stop the marketplace being used like a Freebay plus we have been vetting countless new members arriving purely to buy/sell once. It wasn’t sustainable. Access really should be viewed like a privilege because it takes a lot of input from moderators to keep it safe, tidy and correct.

So your case is a slight anomaly in that you used it before the threshold was set, the best thing you can do is use the forum normally. Then it will be automatic that you gain access to view the marketplace. You will still be notified as before in the meantime if there’s any replies, including access to reply, it’s just that you (nor Google) can no longer go and browse generally.


I got confused by this as well! Been an occasional lurker for yonks here but never posted or commented. Last week came on to try and list something for sale and Marketplace had vanished! I did message a mod in the end who replied immediately and I completely understand the reasoning, just thought I was confused!


Thanks for replying and I can appreciate why moderators have felt it necessary to do this. In my case, my involvement with the forum has been purely based around owning an A4MK2 and patiently awaiting news of promised overbridge integration/vst support etc. My forum participation isn’t likely to increase from this point on as I can’t even access my own ad (which I’m assuming is still visible, just not to me) and my A4 is cleaned, boxed and ready to ship.

Again, I understand why, it’s just a shame as I’m sure there were plenty of similar users that bought Elektron gear and spent quite a lot of time reading threads here and searching for info that have now been cutoff from a great buy/sell community because they just didn’t have enough spare time to hang out on a forum and fully engage by creating posts or commenting… something I’ve never really been into as I’d much rather be ‘doing’ than chatting about it. :confused:

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I already linked you to your advertisement in the opening post, you should get reply notifications.

that great buy/sell community takes plenty of time/energy to keep that way, the marketplace isn’t the primary reason for the forum … the Moderators spend a disproportionate amount of time tidying the marketplace and dealing with issues. It has become a victim of our efforts in that we were vigilant in vetting and keeping it as safe and tidy as possible and we have consumed lots of energy trying to resolve disputes. It’s all about retaining that access privilege for those who actually contribute to the health of the community. This tips the balance of effort required back towards the primary purpose of the forum. The automated Trust Level required is fairly easy to meet if you are a normal contributor, all the regular faces, especially those who spend their time helping others will be at the required level.

Indeed, a sentiment the admins and moderators can relate to, except we’d rather not be spending a whole lot of additional time monitoring a marketplace which is all too often the only reason some people drop by. It’s about creating a healthy balance and it now favours all those who contribute. It’s a win-win because regulars can trust one another more and it should take less policing and less time to administer. That seems only fair. :thup:


That’s all I get when I click the link…

Thanks for taking some time to reply as I know this is a relatively unimportant topic and all the moderators here are volunteering their knowledge, advice, support etc.

I guess I just need to list my A4 somewhere else as Christmas is coming, money is tight and work/life dictates I probably don’t have enough time to reach the required trust level.

Thanks again

Hmm, that’s unexpected, but it does make sense, it’s even more of a wall than was assumed

Yeah and not just a wall for me… it means that I can’t access the ad in order to edit it and tell the community if I manage to sell the unit elsewhere… thus leaving behind a dead ad… at least, partially, the exact sort of thing that mods are trying to avoid

It’s now closed. If you are involved in the community enough to eventually see it then you can ask to have it relisted. :thup:

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this is unfortunate. i’d been looking at the marketplace frequently and, probably not a super active member of the forum but occasionally had questions that were answered by pros. oh well.

Hi, I have a ton of stuff to sell right now - I have sold on here many times before and no one has ever had any issues.

Can you please allow me to post here?



I was wondering what the criteria is to view the Marketplace? I understand that forum involvement is required, but I am new to the Elektron family, so my contribution to current discussions would be minimal. I am hoping to purchase a Machinedrum UW+ and dive right into the forum with questions and comments!

Thank you kindly!