Manual Samples in Rec Buffer keep Vanishing?


I don’t get what I’m doing wrong but I’ll sample something from my digitone and everything is fine, but at some point it’ll just vanish or reload to the old sample?

This just started happening and it’s ver frustrating because up until this I had that part down.

I have midi on my OT set to send and midi on the DN set to receive.
I don’t have any rec trigs set


How do you record?
What are you Rec setup 1 / 2 settings?


Recordings vanishing sounds like perhaps record got triggered again, but what’s “the old sample”? It couldn’t be a previous recording from the same track recorder as they are wiped with the new recording. Are you accidentally reloading part? Or switching to a pattern linked to another part?
Anything plugged to midi in?


When it happens again select the track of the recorder you were using and press [rec1 or 2]+[bank]. This will open the buffer in the audio editor. Next press [function]+[yes] to preview and see if it still exists. Let us know if it does or not and we can go from there…