Mannheim elektronauts

Hi, I’m new to Mannheim (ger) and looking for cool people to connect and make music. I have a little studio and like to jam as well as preparing gigs with live instruments, grooveboxes, synths and samplers. Hope I’m lucky and some Mannheim elektronauts see this/ have the same idea and like to connect :smile:

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Mannheim in the building :+1:t3: What kind of music are you into?


Super Cool :smiley:
I like deep and dub house/techno beats but also trip hop. Most of the time I use my Digitakt, MPC2000xl and some synths. Orginally I play the bass guitar, sometimes I record the trumpet and sax of a friend also located here.
Would be nice to connect, may you can send me a personal message :smiley:
I’m based in the Neckarstadt-West!
What are you into?

Used to live in Monnem, fond memories. I‘m still in the area. Music wise pretty much anything goes.


BTW, at German forum you’re likely to bump into some more folks from this particular neck of the woods, so maybe also ask there (even though Elektroautos tends to be more civil most of the time).