Malekko Manther, Mr. D, and BFF Grooveboxes


I recognize that the mixer is weird. Sometime when you blend a square with a saw, the two wave kinda cancel each other, but sometime, after a certain level, you discover a new sound that doesn’t sound like A+B. I guess it’s all the settings that play a huge role in the final result.

It could be interesting to compare with the mixer of real 101 to see where is the difference.


My Manther has already started acting strange. When I power down, the OLED screen still retains the last screen image. I don’t recall it doing that before. Can Manther owners please confirm if yours is doing the same?


I confirm : it’s not the normal behavior. However, I have an oled problem too, the first OLED line died and it’s hard to read the top information.
Email Malekko, they have a great support department. In my case they’ll replace the oled for free and refund the postage fees.


That sounds like the screen is getting burn in. I don’t have a Manther- does it have a screen saver feature?


As far as I’m aware, the screen is either on or off, I don’t recall it going black when not in use.

I’m wondering if this is something I should be concerned with. Might warrant a return


Good to know they’re willing to front postage costs. I’ve only just got mine, should be able to send it back to the shop.


Yes, they have this reputation of having a strong customer service department.


Today I used midi for the first time however I’m unable to recall patches? and also the sequencer won’t run? I have been able to sequence it with my digitone. anyone else have this issue? Never mind I had to do a power cycle which seems to have sorted it out


Switch to midi clock and check your preset settings. You can switch to bar or directly, if you’re on bar and the sequencer don’t run you can’t change preset.


same for me … but by unplugging the MIDI it turns off completely…

and I just realized that with the CV IN plugged there’s a bugs on ignition

edit : now the screen turns off (without disconnecting the MIDI). but at startup the tuning stops (systematically) if the CV is plugged in

@mess_er35 global improvement is short-lived :slight_smile:


This is a limitation that is mentioned on the manther-updates-and-support page.

Also @fattyparts the power cycle after changing clock modes… I’m pretty sure that is normal too for the manther (even though it seems a bit strange).

@loa Are things still going ok after the 1.12 update? I’ve been holding off.


I confirm that everything is fine after 1.12 update. It doesn’t solve every manther’s problems but I didn’t notice new bugs or quirks after the update. I played a long time with the machine yesterday and the tuning did not move after a while so I guess the auto tuning option is working.


Despite all its quirks, I absolutely love this synth. It has a unique sound due to its demented gain staging. Incidentally, my OLED problem seems to have disappeared. I’ve drawn the conclusion this synth is haunted lol


Nice to ear that ! Indeed, this synth is definitely haunted.


I just got a sh-01a and absolutely love it. Still tempted to get one of these just for the motion recording! Anyone still really happy with theirs after almost a year?


I mean, if you’re engaging the waveshaping I wouldn’t be surprised with that result.


Ive had one a few months. It doesnt always receive transport control messages to start when its synced up but it sounds really, really nice. Its the nicest sounding synth ive ever had.

With the sequencer and all its fancy tricks you can get movement and nice things going on really fast that would take forever with other synths.

For example Ive had my monologue being sequenced by my octatrack then going back into the OT inputs with p-locked filter values and effects on the thru track. Its can be very rewarding when you take the time to work out a nice sequence. Things similar to that can be done on the manther just by sneezing on it.

It definitely has faults but is easily worth it for me


All my Synths have motion recording - I hit record on my DAW and twiddle the synth knobs. Works a treat!


I have it for a year, sounds incredible. I don’t now what else to say. Buy it, you will not regret it if you like tb 303. This is like its cousin from cyberpunk city. Easy to fit in the mix, sounds great with fx and raw, one big g spot.


yeah, me too. love mine. this synth sorts the wheat from the chaff imo. if you’re hierarchy of needs places characterful instruments with unique sound above all else and the sound suits your style then don’t hesitate.