Making Play Button Restart Sequence Instead Of Pause

Hi there gang, I’ve looked through TFM and searched but haven’t found an answer to this question. I’m just wondering if it is possible to make the play button restart a sequence instead of pausing it. I know if you hold stop it functions in this manner, but then you have to stop the sequence. The reason I ask is for live use. I use the Octa for looping my OP-1 live, it would be nice if I could re-sync the two units by simply pressing play and resetting the sequence. Maybe there is another way to do this I am not aware of. Thanks for any info fam!!!


Use two fingers to come down on stop and play at nearly the same time… hit the stop a split second before play and it works pretty well.

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Go into song mode and end the the pattern and hit play exit song mode.

Old post but I’d like to see an option for this on all Elektron machines. I never use the pause function.

Hold stop and press play! :thup:

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Doesn’t work if the sequencer is already running. It would be very convenient to be able to easily be able to sync all connected machines in this way if you accidentally stop one of them (not having to worry about pressing stop and play correctly)

Not perfect, but I think it works with some practice. Press and hold stop just before play.

Play can be used to stop the sequencer without stopping the recording (to record fx tails for instance).

It just does not work very well here. As soon as I press stop all inputs are cut off and that is noticeable even if done fast.

Can’t you do this with Stop as well?

Never used the “Pause” function of Play button. Play = restart would make way more sense to my workflow as well!

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There’s a midi note (B1 note 35) for sequencer restart, though I’m not sure if it really does what you’re looking for…

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With stop it stops to record.

Why not, but play = pause is a standard.

I have to try again…

-When running DN and AR into OT. It can be done but as I said you have to press precisely so an option for this would be great.

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What is your setup? If you have another Elektron machine or anything with a minikeyboard that can send midi notes, you could use them to initiate sequencer restart.

Or maybe a midi processor that converts a midi cc into midi note 35?

It would also be possible to DIY a small box that sends start/stop/restart midi notes…

Btw, would it work from an OT midi track via midi loopback?

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OT is the master for DN and AR. It is not so important that I want to add anything extra - just making the feature request since I’d find that feature much more useful than pausing.

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