Make Analog keys forward "previous" CC on MIDI THRU


I’m trying to get the Analog Keys to forward my CC messages out from Octatrack via the MIDI THRU port, but i can’t get it to work. SYNC works fine but not forwarded CC messages.



There shouldn’t be any problem with this. Connect MIDI Out from the OT to MIDI In on the AK, and connect MIDI Thru on the AK to whatever other instrument you are using.

Are you trying to send MIDI CCs from the OT’s encoders or from the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks?

What instrument are you sending the CC messages to?


first = launchcontrol XL to midi

through OT MKII
through AK
through A4 MKII
through to OT

I can send transport when connecting OT2 to OT but not through the entire chain