Make a trig only audible when a scene is active?


Like the title says, I’m wondering if there’s a way to make certain trigs audible only when a certain scene is active? e.g. so the volume of only certain trigs on a track would be linked to the cross fader position? I can’t think of a way to do it but maybe there’s some trick to it :slight_smile:


I think that trigs are related to patterns only


Possible. :slight_smile:
Lfo override scenes, scenes override plocks, plocks override default trigs parameters.

Example with VOL. We want to make plocks silent on Scene A, and audible with Scene B

VOL = 0
Plocks = - 63
Scene A > NO PLOCK on VOL
Scene B > plock on VOL=0

Moving from A to B overrides plocks values with Scene B plock on VOL.

What are some OT features you wished you have found earlier

Oh hey I worked out a way :slight_smile:

Set an LFO to Amp Vol, I Sqr wave, Trig Mode Trig, Speed and Depth 0. Then on the trigs you want to be muted without the scene active, P Lock that LFO depth to 127 - this has the effect of muting the volume as the LFO will be fully at -1 when the trig happens.

Then on your scene, lock the LFO depth to 0 - the scene overrides the P lock and therefore when you fade it in, you start to hear the trig!

Note that the trig is still trigged so will cut off any other notes even if it’s silenced


Hehe sounds like we were both thinking along the same lines. Nice! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Love this machine!


Almost : I’m saving an lfo. :wink:
Keep them for extra modulation!


Good point :pray: I wonder if we’ll still be finding tricks in the OT in 20 years time… probably :wink:


Next level :
Change scenes with the crossfader! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Needs midi processing)