Main track record level depends on Main level?


I’ve recently noticed that the Main track recordings will be affected by the main output level. This is a big problem because I use to move the main level a lot depending on if I work with the headphone or on speakers. So I need to readjust the audio track that plays my record anytime I’m using a different device from the last time.

Is there any way this can be avoided? Can main track record not be affected by the level?



That’s why I keep Main Level at 0.
If you use T8 in Master mode, you can record it, with SRC3 = T8. Main Level don’t change recording level in that case, same result as recording Main with Main Level at 0.


I’m using the T8 for other stuff so I can’t :frowning:


I guess you use all tracks…
Do you use CUE?
As you can change headphones level, I don’t understand the problem to fix Main at 0, unless you can’t change speakers level…


Yea actually I’d just have to change speakers level to solve it, but the speakers are a bit far from me and the level knob is on the back, and I tend to change the level quite often because sometimes it hurts my ears a bit and sometimes I just wanna make it loud, and I just don’t want to go behind each speaker everytime.


Have you considered a small mixer? It would be beneficial in a lot of other ways too


I totally haven’t. What other ways would it be beneficial in?


A master eq for one thing. Do you use other instruments? Gain staging is a lot easier. Level meters are handy too.

Mackies have this alt 3/4 feature which when a channel is muted routes the signal out. A number of us around these parts love connecting it to the OT inputs.


Oh that’s very interesting! So you use the mixer as an EQ for both the instruments plugged in the OT inputs and the OT main output?
I’ll keep it in mind, although I really prefer having my instruments on separated tracks on the OT for now.