Machinedrum x.04 Dub Chords Demonstration

Here is a demonstration of dub chords using Elektron Machinedrum UW+ (x.o4 firmware) with xone 464 mixer and behringer tape delay pedal.
With the introduction of the new machinedrum firmware, tuning the gnd machines is very straight foward and easy to make chords. The first four kits are gnd machines, sine, square, saw, and noise, which each have their own spot on the mixer. After making some basic patterns I use mixer send effects to send each of those sounds to the tape delay and also back into the machinedrum. The last two slots on the machinedrum are ram rec and play kits, which will record anything sent from the mixer send. The ram play machine is where I add a lot of reverb, delay, filter automations, reverses, and fills out the sound dramatically.

This is a simple and effective way to get a dubby chord atmospheres quickly, relying on simple sound sources with complex chains. This setup is designed for live improv based performance. This demonstration just scratches the surface of the setups capabilities.