Machinedrum uw+ vs analog rytm mk2

Currently, I am using the machine drum of UW+ version. I’ve also used analog rhythms, but the machine drum was a little better The unique groove and sound seems to be a great product.

However, analog rhythms are easy to work with when using overbridge.

Currently, I’m thinking of switching from machine drum UW+ to analog rhythm MK2. What do you think?, and any tips for record from machinedrum UW+?

I think that you’re not reading what’s already on the forum:

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Buy the Rytm mk2, connect the MD Outputs to the Rytm Inputs and use the Rytm Compressor to compress all the Drums.


Two entirely different machines, i’d love to pair an MD with my Rytm someday!

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Or viceversa

I have two MD and next move go for the Rytm

Stay with MD

I own a ARmk2, not very happy.

Thinking to sell it

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Yes I plan to get a Rytm MKI and keep the MDUW+ thanks for the info

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Yes, and if you can’t afford an AR MKII keeping MD, just buy an MKI…
I sold my MD for an AR I prefer, but I wish I could keep it. Now I also have a Digitone, covering my digital drums needs for the moment. Sounds better imho…

I didn’t see Elvis…:thinking:


I ‘upgraded’ my Machinedrum to a Rytm a couple of years ago and immediately regretted it, sold the Rytm and bought another Machinedrum within a week. I wish I could’ve afforded to have kept both as they really compliment each other, but coming from the Machinedrum to the Rytm didn’t feel like an upgrade at all to me. If you spend enough time with a MD you can program it to sound as big as the Rytm, and it’s just way more versatile. Some of the Rytm machines only have like two or three parameters to control and it just felt a bit stripped down. Also, you have way less modulation and flexibility in terms of what machines can be loaded on each track. Pad mutes are nicer on the Rytm for sure, but in terms of performance controls I much prefer CTRL-ALL, CTRL-8P, CTRL-RE and CTRL-EQ to the scenes and aftertouch pads of the Rytm.


Very different box.
You have to think about your music and your way to create it.
MD is a synth and a crazy instrument and you can spend a lot of time having fun with it.
AR is drum machine with few (for me) synth possibilities.
MD is for exploring, AR is for (fast…) fat beat.

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