Machinedrum UW MK1 - asking price?


Hi everyone!

So I have 2 machines, one mk1 I bought from a naut a little while ago and my old mk2 from back in the day.
As I’m currently looking to replace on with a DT, what do you think would be a fair asking price for the mk1 ? It’s in good shape apart from small rack rash left by the previous owner.
Thanks for your opinions !



I bought one for £450 a few years back.Thought that was a fair price.Probably gone up a bit since.Id say 450 maybe 500.I would buy one for 400 right now i guess.


So a bit less than a DT, I was afraid of that but also what I had in mind, I guess. Thanks for the informed opinion mate :wink:


Someone with a DT might be up for a trade, worth a try.


Definitely will try :crossed_fingers: