Machinedrum updates?

Will there ever come any updates for Machinedrum?

Enjoy continuous OS updates

Last update was 3 years ago…

Good point.

Especially now the AR has bee announced (which will clearly be superior to MD) it would be a nice statement towards their older customers.

I would really love to see they implementing different scale length for each track.

  • 1000 for an update.

I think that MD users deserve an update after the release of the A4/AR to keep the MD valuable.
New kind of synthesis would be cool…

i think after A4 update x2 lately and the AK release AND now the AR … that the Swedish guys gonna chill the fuck out for a year or two in their hot baths

Sounds like a nice idea :slight_smile:
However, it would scare me that they would just move on to the next product and leave this one behind.
· Similar to what Akai do :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty old machine. I’d be really surprised if they updated its OS with anything too significant anytime soon. And I don’t blame them for not doing so, considering the work they’re putting into the other machines. :slight_smile:

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An update would help further cement the MD as THE digital drum synth. We’ve heard before that the sequencer won’t see any revision, so an additional machine would keep things fresh… until an Elektron FM synth drops :wink:

But anyway let them chill out for a while!

yea let them chill… until we find out that the AR does not have wheels.
If it does not have wheels, I’m going to - flips table

the machinedrum - does need a serious update.
I have used one and it’s layout and workflow are great but it needs a breath of fresh air.

what does the md need though?
midi key input for the sampling comes to mind
909 machine is coming and also the 303 machine
what else?

I purchased a MD 1 years ago (1400 €).

It’s a good and unique machine in some ways (its sequencer, its fm sounds) but, I will be sad if the AR has what i blame for the MD:

  • Polyrythm capability
  • Warm sound
  • Wide Stereo sound
  • Easy melodic percussions control

If no updates are planned for the MachineDrum, I think that I will review my set-up.

As I have an OT and a Analog four, maybe the best strategy could be to sell my MD, and purchase a Nord Drum 2.

The Nord Drum 2 seems to have what I like in the MD (drum synth, FM) plus a wider (and maybe warmer) stereo sound and the melodic capability without headache.

The OT has a better pattern sequencer, a better sampler (of course) and polyrythm capability.

The analog four can synthetize very good analog drums and can warm external sounds (the Nord Drum ones if needed)

Not easy

I love the machine as it is and it’s sound is what it is. All I would dream of is non quantised live recording and separate track lengths.
The AR will have these I would have thought so the two would work amazingly together if you like vast complex Rhythms.

Non quantised live recording and/or microtiming for trigs to “humanize” the beats.
Separated tracks lenghts to make polyrythms.

I understand that upgrading the sound of the MachineDrum is quite impossible. But maybe the sequencer features can be updated.

Well a “perf” mode like the A4 would be very cool. The AR will have this and so this will be one huge advantage it will have over the MD.

It has it’s own quirky Perf modes though with Ctrl machines etc. Leave it be I say. We don’t want too much overlap of machines, they have their own character.
I was playing around with Ctrl al again last night and again getting blown away by this machine. Everytime I use it it suprises me. Old tricks on new samples and sequences can make this seem like a new machine every time.

Update is always welcome to revitalize this Machinedrum now.

Second an update urgently!

Bought the (MD uw+ and MnM) not so long ago and one of the main reasons was my trust in Elektron’s continuous care for older products.

But with this plethora of new products in ever increasing rates (yes, I got 2 OTs and an AF myself, and I do like them, especially in combination with modules and other stuff) I’m gradually getting second thoughts about current Elektron policies. Seems like they don’t care for their older products any more and have started churning out lucrative new products at a fast pace instead of consolidating and keeping old products current. Pity!

Makes me also think twice about getting more Elektron stuff, although AK and AR look interesting enough, but how to be sure that updates like the great AF OS 1.1© will keep getting published once there is a market saturation in a year or 2 or 3?

As for the MD: had I known about the new AR I definitely would have saved about 500 EUR on the UW+ feature. One more reason now to sweeten the pill for recent MD buyers with a great new update including many feature wishes from over at elektron-users over the years and some new features from the current products, esp. from the OT.

Go for it, Elektron, and remember the value of a stable and faithful customer base, instead of just appealing to Elektron fan boys!

If there was an update I’d love to see microtiming on the MD.

Right now I often end up triggering my MD via midi from my Octatrack so I can use microtiming to get it to swing how I want it to, which seems like a waste of the MD’s lovely P-Locks. You can P-Lock settings from the OT but its much more of a PITA…

Hmmm I don’t know…but Jomox999 last update 2009, Electribes? spectralis - forget about it(and the original OS is still incomplete)… Seems fair to me that at some point, the developers will consider the product finished… At least we Elektronauts have fully functioning equipment that live up to their promises… I had a Tempest for a year, but ditched it cause it sucks as MIDI slave (shame on D.Smith) Spectralis I ditched after 3 months - I loved the sound but the OS was incomplete… No overdub recording implemented yet!.. And so on…
I’m eagerly awaiting the new AR…and if I cant afford it, I may sell MD to help fund it,
Analog Elektron drums - I say bring it on, and leave the MD (for now)


Most people aren’t even scratching the surface of what the MD already does. Of all the Elektrons, the MD is the most like an electric guitar if you follow what I mean. It is a creative and organic instrument.