Machinedrum Update Projects?


As all my other Elektron boxes work with projects, I was wondering if anyone had managed to update the Machinedrum to do so too?
For some reason, my mind things I’ve read this is possible somehow. Or maybe it’s just a figment of my scrambled brain.


If you have the +drive “snapshots” are the same thing as “Projects”


I don’t have the +drive. Bugger.


Shoot. I’ve heard of some people getting the drive and installing it themselves(Elektron used to, but I don’t think they still do and, also, it was a $400 procedure)

I wouldn’t know the first thing about doing it manually, though.


Cheers Ryan.
I guess I’ll find a work around.


Hi i want to expand to +drive since i have a MDUW MKI,

is possible to share some info, comments? on how you solve this issue, Thanks in advance


Maybe this thread


MKI units are out of service-update… and is so hard to see this +drive for sale, any help!! im out of space!! , maybe the only option is to swap MDUW MKI for a MKII MDUW+ or if someone have a crashed unit like OCTASMACKED, a MACHINEDRUMSMACKED to buy it for parts or maybe i have to forget use samples with MD and use just the synth engines and maybe get a Octa or DT.


I got lucky with a +Drive available on eBay. I don’t see them on sale very often but I have seen them show up here and there. Have you reached out to Elektron to see if they still perform this upgrade or at least have the parts to buy?

The process was pretty easy. Just don’t force anything and take your time to look at what is screwed in where. Grab some grounded metal before touching the boards or wear ESD safe gloves. The knobs can be a bit tough to pull off. Do not wiggle them from side to side. Grab the knob from both sides and as evenly as possible slowly but firmly pull straight up on them. Too much force on one side could break the encoder. Don’t be too worried just be careful and it should go smoothly.


great… i have no luck on this… i was looking on the states, maybe evilbay europe is the place to find this. and yes confirmed Elektron don´t offer the chance to upgrade MKI and didnt sell the drive as a spare part. so im considering buying a +drive unit and selling my MD. thanks for the info


Your probably better off finding a used mkii with +drive than trying to upgrade.
In the other hand you should be able to sysex dump the entire md and format to start a new project.


yes youre right MDUWMKII+ i think is the best option to solve the problem. and for the sysex option i have to work this i´m looking to the manual right now. Thanks bro


Is this a real possibility?



Sysex backup of a machinedrum? Yes very possible. You gotta use c6 to do it.


I’m a sysex novice so please forgive my naivety. :grin:

So, the sysex backup and reloading will allow me to swap all the patterns and kits in and out of the machine and store them in my Macbook?

Cheers for your help.


Yes exactly that. There are a few different types of sysex backup for the machinedrum but the “all data sysex send” option backs up everything but samples.


Bloody terrific.
Another nugget of invaluable information.
Cheers. :sunglasses: