Machinedrum Trig Conditions? Generative Sequencing via MIDI Loopback [video]


Why wouldn’t you p lock the CTR 8p ?
I think I do not understand …
Are you talking to use one (ore more) OT midi tracks to send lfos to the track 16 ? Or to p lock trig condition from the OT directly ?


Because with midi loopback p-locks have no effect.

I meant it is much easier to randomize MD machines playback with OT tracks : plock a chord > rdm arp, done.


Yes ! So easy tho ! You even can use MD LFOS > OT ones or OT to MD midi machine who can have in the same time it’s own “random” generative.

I remember tou shared or talked about an other video, randoms changing of patterns with MD alone or OT + MD
Did you remember ?
Does it need a midi feedback on the MD ?
An other question : Can I send kit changing messages or bank changing message with midi to the MD. (from herself or OT) To just have some LFO ruling with notes or CCs kit changing ? OR pattern changing ?


Getting off topic, @defenestration will be angry!
This maybe?


Ok, thanks for clarifying.


MIDI loopback to activate instant pattern change is something I mean to mess around with, but I’m skeptical how much I can get out of it - I tend to get surprised by MD though

the first advantage I can envision right now, as opposed to using songmode to shorten patterns is that it would be more ‘playable’ since you could mute/unmute MIDI machines responsible for different pattern lengths (or save some machine slots and just move the pattern change trig around on the MIDI track),

more importantly it would also then be possible to modulate/control pattern changes with LFOs - and I didn’t even realize this until just now, even though it should have been rather obvious!


I gave it a try once, it seems to work but I let you imagine that make changes to always changing patterns is not easy! :mouse2: :cat2: :slight_smile:


If you employ your same technique, but rather than loop back, which can lock up…run your midi to a DAW, then back to itself. You can do some sick shit.

You can set up all kinds of routings, have external sync or send sync to another box or boxes.

It feels more stable to me. And doesnt contrain you to one box.

Great vid tho!


thanks! tough vid to make!

Surprisingly, I haven’t locked up MD via MIDI loopback yet, but I haven’t tried very hard either - I’m sure some of the stranger ideas I have will give me headaches when I eventually try them out :sweat_smile:

Certainly if I wanted more capabilities or avoid inevitable tricky issues I would simply sequence MD from OT, but if I do not need to do it to accomplish a goal, why would I spend the time? I can easily see using the techniques I demo’ed in the video to produce entire compositions - if I simply spent more time on them they would certainly reach that point, and rather efficiently because my attention is focused in one area. Before I got into modular and sold most of my MIDI and semi-modular gear I used to have a rather nutty hybrid DAW + external MIDI gear setup, I had all sorts of crazy MIDI-OX filtering and translations, capturing all the CCs and NRPNs off the gear, feeding it back, etc. etc. … and… spent more time on MIDI than music!

It is not a constraint to use one box, more often it is a liberation! :star_struck:


It IS a constraint. But constraints can be liberating.


Pattern changes via midi loopback @defenestration ?
Might be wrong,but i think @Ryan tried to archieve the same thing(and did really well)he didnt use ctr8p,but he used OT to send an lfo for the midi note(also tempo changes,if i understand-see correctly)
Here is a video of the technique:

And here is the thread:

(If anyone is interested)


cool! had not seen that before, nice video and sounds @ryan !

that’s very much along the lines of what I was thinking, and curious to see what is possible with MD doing it all by itself - while reading that thread thinking about the possibilities when you add OT and etc. made my head start to hurt! :zonked: