Machinedrum tips and tricks 2019

Just aquired one of the legendary machine drums. (UW+ mk Ii).

I have already read Tarekiths tips and tricks (found here:

I’m going to match it with my MnM and OT2.

Any ideas for funny things to try with these three machines?

Also, I don’t have a mixer, so creative routing suggestions are also more than welcomed.



Every time somebody asks something like this I always post this dude’s video. It’s pretty awesome…


Sometimes I like to overdrive the internal compressor to distort the unit. You have to lower master volume to adjust for this though, otherwise it’s crazy loud.

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Every time you have posted that guys video I have to watch it. It’s so freaking compelling!


Yep. Really inspiring video for MD. MD inspired OT conception with UW.
Much crazier things possible with OT.
Ready for any contest, with or without samples. :pl:
I tried to love the MD.

My main tips : make MD surnatural, turn the knobs illogically with Control All, use CTR machines (allowing you to plock CTR ALL, modulate anything with plocks, lfos)…

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Just forget the name “machinedrum” this isn’t a drum machine. you have to work on midi : try to play poly : best advice/tips

My favorite :


I missed that part. Do you really need more?


What do you mean?

Also, regarding your input around the MD inspiring the OT- I don’t feel the overlap between those two are that big? MD seems capable of altering samples like a synthesizer, where OT is more of a chop, mangle, reverse, flip monster.


This is an awesome video! I’d seen it before but now that I have a UW myself, I’m gonna put it to test.

It is awesome. For those who don’t realise, this can be done with a regular machinedrum (non UW) too…

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Just saying MnM + OT must be already a great combo. Concerning sampling, OT does everything better, especially synth abities. MD has a higher pitch range, that’s all.


having all 3 is great (I have all 3). I don’t personally use more than 2 together at a time tho, there’s not really much need n I find the more gear u use at once the higher the tendency to not use any of them to their fullest potential.
having said that, it’s great to pick 2 n use em for a set / record. n each having their slightly different UI & sound leads to different outcomes on each machine.

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My Machinedrum is still on its way here by mail, but from what I have read, the MD does CTL-all, has 16 tracks, has more effects per track and a lot more outputs.

The idea is, to not use the OT as a drum machine.

So, I thought: a sampler, synth and drum machine should cover my needs for all eternity :slight_smile:


My MD revelation from recent years is rather basic but effective: run it through a good distortion and a whole new world of sound flavors opens up. I ve been using the AH en EHX Lpb2ube with it. Both sound great. I don t know how the fx in the OT sound but I m sure there s a lot of fun to be had mangling the MD with it.


If I’d never seen that vid I’d never had got on the elektron train

Amazing stuff

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Recommend running the Octatrack Cue outputs into the Machinedrum, and keep a pair of MD tracks dedicated to UW Record and UW Play (Machinedrum uses one channel to record and another one to play back). Then you can cue out any OT track/s of your choice and sample them on the fly in the Machinedrum, while also running the MD back into the OT for the same possibilities (or else use another pair of MD channels for sampling itself - though don’t have record and play unmuted at same time for this one hehe). Good flexible (lo-fi) twist.

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Been doing that too, but from a mixer aux send.



Yep. MD suffice for internal resampling with feedback, realtime pitch down, or shifted pitch up. Crazy fx possible, with control.

Sorry, maybe if I had MD before OT I’d express things differently, but I think OT will be my favorite, MD has 6 outputs for sure, 2 more than OT, having 8 stereo tracks, 8 midi tracks, 8 recorders, 48 lfos, control all possible on tracks with shared midi channels (works like a charm), trig conditions, and the crossfader of course.
I didn’t gel with MD midi CC implementation, even with midi processors, btw I think that MD is the first magical Elektron gear, I have a lot of respect for it.

There are CTRL machines for the efx parameters. Easily overseen.

Glad it arrived. What’s about the TM-1? :wink: