Machinedrum Swing Per Track

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Maybe some Machinedrum Users can help me here.

Is it possible to make swing tracks on differents values ?

I cannot lock values to tracks and it look like it is only one value / pattern… Isn’t it ?

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No, the swing percentage value is applied to all tracks I’m afraid. You can adjust which steps are affected on a per track basis but not have different swing amounts.


Okay thank you a lot !

Anyway I think this hasn’t not so much importance… There are so many other parameters !

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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No problem! In practice I’ve found that setting tracks either to swing (at the global amount) or not swing works fine for me.

Do wonder about the sort of crazy effects you could get with wildly different swing values per track though…


Apologies if this should be in the stickies for issues with the md but it doesn’t look like anyone will see it in there.

I’ve never noticed before as I’ve never used swing per track but it definitely affects the whole pattern when selecting swing per track. I wanted to give my hh pattern a different swing setting from the pattern as a whole by selecting t08 for example, but it doesn’t work independently. Anyone else find this? Or am i missing something obvious. Need to dl the current manual!

OS is 1.63 k sps1uwmkii.


The swing amount (the percentage value) is applied to all tracks in a pattern, but the swing tracks allows you to select which steps are swung on each of the 16 tracks.

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