Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

There is an issue with pattern change via note mapping. See my previous post. We are testing a fix.

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Good news. I thought it was not related as my MD didn’t exactly froze, but I’ll wait for the fix.
Thanks !

Excellent. The update really brought now life inte the machine. Love it.

Some bugs seems to apear thought. Pattern doesnt always seem to save correct. I will explore further though.

I noticed a midi bug when the MD is in external mode ctrl in/on, the machine freeze. I also had some conflicts with NFX UC and patterns records on the X04 or older, it seems the flangers freeze. I had to do a factory reset to fix that

Concerning the midi bug, the master is the Keystep pro sending midi to A4 to OTK and to MD. Same problem with note received On or Off

Awesome, can’t wait to install the update.

Would it be possible to port the megacommand to let’s say maxforlive or a plug-in? Just wondering since not everyone is into diy on that level and MegaCommands seem to be kinda hard to get.

Anyway, thanks for the update, much appreciated!


Would be interested to know as well !

I suspect the Megacommand uses sysex for communication, if we would be able to get the added commands it should be possible to do something interesting with them and maxforlive.

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Yeah, then I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t theoretically be possible.

I already asked and Justin responded that



I understand that I could save/load samples from the MD to MegaCommand and back, does this effectively make sort of a +Drive for my MD UW MKII?

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How can i enter the microtiming? Is there some kind of inoffical documentation besides the forum xD?

microtiming is available with the megacommand only, not on the X.05 release.

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Hey @JustinValer @v-yadli as you’ve got some more insight on the MD’s dsp processing, I was wondering whether it’d be possible to post some specifics about the MD compressor’s parameters; things like what the attack range corresponds to in milliseconds etc. Basically intel that ought to be in the manual.

Are you speaking of the master-fx comp of the MD or the one(s) newly added with X.05?

For the newly added NFX-machines there is some info here:

I meant the Master FX comp yep. Will have a look at that topic at some point as well, thanks :slight_smile:

I need some help testing the keymap pattern change issue.

If you’re familiar with the problem, send me a private message or jump on the discord. I’ll send you a new firmware to test.

The midi clock of the MD is not really sync with midi clock of other Elektron gears. I have to micro timing the A4 at + 1/48 to get a kick drum sync with the MD

The Micro timing of A4 at 7/384 will be more accurate actually