Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.04 Released [ Unofficial ]

Any chance this is a problem with Solo? Maybe on your track 5, check for a little S. There is a CC for that which you could have hit from the MD.


OMG Johnl

yes. yes there is a little S there! How do I un-solo it?!!

I NEVER use that menu page… . wtf…



I’m so happy right now man you would not believe.

On the plus side, I spent my day in the studio having fun with the new synth engines on the new X OS for the MD!

…while thinking my OT was broken. It’s always something simple isn’t it?!

Thank you.


Hmm this got me thinking. I’d give up ACCENT for trigless trig’s, how about anyone else? I’ve used it but it’s kinda the one thing I’d give up in a heartbeat for trigless trig’s if one of the issues is lack of space in memory…


It’s (almost) always user error with OT.



You’re right. Feeling like a noob right now even though I’ve been using OT for over 10 years solid.

Actually, while I’m at it, I might as well apologise to the people (or person?!) who developed this incredible update. I’m ashamed that I doubted their (probably flawless) work.
I hang my head. :zipper_mouth_face:


Updated and its great

Any tips on saving Tempo with sequences?
Maybe name them with tempo?

You can assign a tempo to a sequence in each song mode row


Updated just fine, massive thanks for the incredible effort put into this.

One thing I noticed is that the new “Tonal” setting is enabled by default in the Kit settings, is that the case? If so then it breaks ‘backwards compatibility’ as every kit will now sound very different…


They mention it in the thread somewhere, the kit memory where they store the tonal information was previously unused and random, so existing kits will have random tonal settings and need to be adjusted.

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Thanks th0mas, that makes sense. Hmm, we need a sysex tool now to bulk edit MD sysex patches :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind Ruby, I wrote some tools to manipulate Machinedrum sysex, specifically to parse Songs and concatenate multiple songs together

You’ll have to parse the Kit format including the unofficial modification for the tonal bit


seems useful! if not just to separate your song archive without involving MD and MIDI.

i’d really like a tool to write/edit song structures on a computer (a mirror of song mode edit) that exports sysex…


My (old) solution:

  • Make track in DAW that sends program changes (1 region per program)
  • Move, shorten, lengthen, copy, paste regions
  • Enter final result into machinedrum song page (manually, but its quick once its all written down)
  • Export sysex for backup

Leave computer at home at this point.


Something coming?…

What’s this ♪┌|∵|┘♪

Pretty wild but sounds like an Octatrack and not MD :slight_smile:

A new Doppler Effect INPUT machine, yay !

New X.05 update thread over here