Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS 1.71 Released [ Unofficial ]

As long as speaker death isn’t a possibility I’ll take that risk

Never underestimate the power of a dream, rock on devs :muscle:

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@Ess any thoughts on how the Elektron devs would feel about the devs behind this sharing a bit more technical information on how they disassembled the firmware? The geeky part of me would love to play around with it but I totally understand if you’d rather keep this under wraps


Props to Elektron for the supportive response.


next year will be the machinedrum’s 20th anniversary lol, I know that MD & MM support is ending but surprising us with a new version of the firmware with conditional trigs or at least different lenght/scales per pattern would be so damn cool


Any other machines hiding in there? Any chance of new machines you guys design from scratch, or hacking together code from existing machines?

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Hi all!! thanks for your work!!
I want to update my MD to 1.71 , but my Mac’s OS is Catalina and C6 doesn’t function anymore…
have ICM4+
what software can I use for update?
thanks for your help!

I’m not on Catalina, but have you tried this?

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Shamelessly proposing uninteresting-but-unambiguous version scheme, then:
20.04.16 <= former “1.71”

And if you need “codename”: well, MCL HW “lives” in “symbiosis” with :elmd: , so it can be called Symbiont
Besides, it’s TRX-S2 right?


I try now…thank you!!

Big thanks to Justin and v-yadli
For being future men and masters of the machinedrum Os
Congrats you guys cracked the code.

This update with the new machine is just the best news I’ve seen on a while. So long since the md has been spoiled with a news.

I eagerly woke up this morning and went a bit nuts on the new machine .

The ring mod works really great on new the snare machine

Justin , if you are still around in melb I’d like to donate many beers sometime.

And of course, annoy you with some ideas for new machines -
E-12 sample replacement

A Grain engine !!

I could whip up a e12 serge sample machine set, or how about a Jupiter 6 e12 machine ?

Thank you to you both


S2 is great wrapping some filters around the noise sweep, was messing around wanted to retrig and noticed the RAM menu is empty.
on mk1 md.
just me? anyone else compare?

this was onto project from previous os
test mode ok
after empty/factory reset RAM machines still blank in kit edit
but RAM machines show up and function fine in imported kits/patterns

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It’s likely an issue with mk1 models as the number of machines differ.
Will look in to a fix.


is there an audio example/video of S2 in action anywhere?

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Is this possible to use new upgrades but without having the megacommand ?

At least the new machines or the other things ?
Or not at all ?

sounds like the new machine would be available to any user, but the big sequencer upgrades come from the MCL hardware itself

Thank you a lot for this upgrade, I love this noise and as said before, the ring modulation…

This is a nice work … Congratulations and thank you a lot guys :slight_smile:

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I’m not a machinedrum user but pretty exciting news. Hoping for an “unofficial” octatrack update with longer midi notes, midi mute destination (ext), above 64 steps pickup machine and more. Obviously the official one will never come out, so let us hope :slight_smile:

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Is this safe to use on the none UW versions ?
Thank you.


I’ve seen that avatar before somewhere @shroom

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