Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS 1.71 Released [ Unofficial ]

One of the dev’s is the very same person who evolved the Ruin & Wisen MiniCommand into the MegaCommand with MCL firmware, which is an open source (physical) box of sysex/midi tricks which gives the Machinedrum all that you ask already, as well as patch saving, chromatic playing, additional LFO, polyphonic modes, wav designer, and a very cool tracker crossed with Ableton style of sequencer for patterns where individual tracks can be switched out etc. This hardware was the driver to create this MD 1.7 update so the two devices would more closely synchronise.


yep I know but you need an external box to do all this things, is like having a midi controller for playing the MD, I could do it as well if I sequence the MD with my OT so for me the cool thing about this would be using the MD interface

and repeat, I would even pay for this :slight_smile:

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Sure I get what you are saying. No doubt we would all be stunned into worship + tithe if such deep changes could be made to the original MD OS… but here and now, the MegaCommand through some clever trickery actually uses the Machinedrum interface to control many things, so its halfway to what your asking.

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Where can I buy a Megacommand?

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Sorry for possibly shitting this thread up with a basic beginner’s question that’s not even directly related to the op (then why even make this post dude, geeeez!)

I’m trying to figure out what it would take to build a megacommand but I’m pretty sure I’m missing some stuff. So here’s where I’m at now; buy a arduino mega2560, get a pcb printed per the specs on the github page, do some soldering and load the megacommand firmware onto the device. Spend a couple of weeks troubleshooting and finally put it in its enclosure.
Is this what it would basically take?

After starting some diy eurorack builds at the beginning of this year I’ve acquired a taste for diy (and burning flux) and have been considering building a arduino based midi controller but haven’t the knowledge to design anything that I would be likely to actually end up using and most of the existing designs that I’ve stumbled on so far wouldn’t really add any functionality to my current setup.

Any guidance or info is greatly appreciated.

Pretty much, minus the couple of weeks troubleshooting.


Thank you. Yeah, it was more of a jab at my own incompetence rather than trying to insinuate any bad coding or design.

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You can PM Justin and ask him if he has some pre built unit for you.

Had some fun with OS 1.71 + MCL 2.60:

  • A sandy TRX-S2 snare drum
  • Polyphonic userwaves on channel 1-4
  • Routing channel 1-4 to OUTPUT E, loopback to input GA on channel 7
  • MCL LFO on channel 7 FLTW
  • A few melodic machines
  • Userwave + MCL Arpeggiator on channel 6
  • MCL conditional trigs everywhere

Love the new snare, need to download and install asap

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Muckin fagic


Awesome performance :ok_hand:

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Is 1.71 released ?

Machinedrum_SPS1-UW_OS1.71 released.

A hidden machine, TRX-S2, is now available. The machine can be accessed
in the TRX category, below TRX-B2.

See the included Changelog for full details.


MCL 2.61 released.


A new challenger appears…

@sezare56 You can do the photo shopping :wink:


new, sandy, hidden…

anyone got a shot of the S2 synthesis page?

It’s Doceousaliexpilisticadilucious!




Thank you @JustinValer! You are a true hero for doing this. Anyway I can donate?


Hehe, very impressive! Well done.
TRX-S2 is an unreleased machine, and there might be a good reason for it - use at your own risk! :slight_smile:


Again, really awesome work. We’re all very impressed here at the office, although fully endorsing it is a bit difficult for a variety of reasons, but you have us applauding at least.

Only wish from our development team is that you separate the version numbers from the official firmware releases - so @JustinValer if you wouldn’t mind our dev team would really appreciate it if the unofficial firmware has different versioning.