Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS 1.71 Released [ Unofficial ]

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you!

Also, how does one get a Megacommand? I have 0 soldering skills so would prefer to buy built. Anyone?

I just heard about this update and it’s awesome to see a future with the MD! I never thought that would happen!!!

Anyone know if there’s a place that we can put a bug list (for the original OS, not necessarily 1.70)?

The one bug that absolutely kills the MD for me is that unmuting sounds is delayed by approximately 1/8th step, so if I unmute on the beat I don’t hear the drum sounds for another 1/8th step. I’ve posted elsewhere and others agreed that this is how it works - which is quite a huge problem when playing the MD!

This problem doesn’t occur on their other devices (have monomachines and analog four/keys).

I didn’t see this fix listed in the changelog.


The topic that most closely resembles a bug list is this one:

The behaviour when unmuting that you described happens with my MD, too. It’s a real annoyance, so it’d be cool if this could be fixed in a future firmware release.

The only other thing I’d ask for in a future firmware would be a set of 909ish hihat/cymbal sounds. Since I don’t own a UW version it’s a real bummer there’s no way to get 909is hihats/crash/cymbal sounds with it. If I had those the MD would be a everything I need for a DAW-less Acid setup (with two 303 clones at the inputs of the MD).

If there’d be a feature enhanced firmware update I’d even pay for it (I did this with JJOS for my MPC, too).

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Upcoming feature: There will be a new machine, TRX-S2.




Now this is headline deserving news. Going by the name. sounds like another snare module. :+1:

I seem to remember the party line from Elektron regarding MD updates was that the code memory was full. Is there a reasonable amount of space to add without removing features?

Unbelievable !!!

please make fimware for digitakt and create git for open source :star_struck:

will TRX-S2 --> TRX-SD like TRX-B2 --> TRX-BD?

TRX-B2 is still one of the most monumental digital kick synthesisms ever.
I’m worried i’ll be having TRX-S2 fever dreams and wish you’d kept schtumm until release.

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Too late. Already had a couple. :confused:

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Can you add Solo function pls??!!

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if devs are threatening new machines i’m gonna have to call out the PI-MA, always wondered what that would be like with a sine/different noise source.

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such a great work, congratulation for the devs, I think I’m not the only one that would love having different lenght & scales per pattern and conditional trigs there, I would even pay for that update

just saying


If MnM and MD got conditionals and scale/track the 2nd hand market would probably go(even more) nuts.


as much as i’d love to see that happen, i’m not sure how it could even work as every knob on every page already has a function!

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Key combos dude.


I’ve been having my right master out go low volume for me for a while now, was mucking around again today same problem, found this thread and updated the O/S to 1.70, problem gone. Not sure what’s going on, looking forward to the TRX mk2 release. thanks guys

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waw this is amazing