Machinedrum SPS1-UW OS 1.71 Released [ Unofficial ]

Whats a Megacommand? Where can they be bought?

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I know somewhere in that thread is a link to the hardware details. I ve scrolled several times to (re)find it, without success. Long thread…

@JustinValer it would make a lot of sense to put that link somewhere easy to find. I also didn t find it in the MCL 260 pdf doc.


Bloody hell… it all makes sense now…

The MegaCommand is the successor to the Minicommand. It is an open hardware/open software MIDI controller designed to enhance the functionality of the Machinedrum OS.

The development thread contains much of the backstory.

For the actual hardware design, the build instructions and software components see these links:

MegaCommand Hardware Design
MegaCommand MIDICTRL 20 (MCL firmware and software framework)

“So in english, will this be useful for anyone with a Machinedrum right now, or is this mainly for MegaCommand users?”

For current MD users we offer the ability to fix bugs and enhance the MIDI spec.

Adding meaningful firmware updates beyond this will depend upon Elektron’s reaction and support from the community.


Thanks for your reply Justin.

Can I still use this :point_up: with a non +drive MDUW

Are we witnessing the birth of J-V-Y OS?




Sorry, just bumping this in case @JustinValer missed my original post :slight_smile:

Due to the sensitivity surrounding unofficial firmware development we have at this stage decided not to disclose technical details.



No worries - thanks for the reply, maybe we’ll get to collab at some point in future :slight_smile:

regardless of whether this firmware is mostly for MegaCommand owners or not, it still is some great work development-wise. well done to both of you @JustinValer and @v-yadli :smiley_cat:


Good to know things are possible!

Can I have a video cos I don’t get it

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I don’t know if the MIDI jitter is something you can address.

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It’s Real, Elvis is there…
Well Done :heart_decoration:



Hey guys! Any plans update MNM?

Perfect work!

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Instant pattern change and conditional trigs would be much more appreciated!