Machinedrum sounds out of the digitone

where can you find good machinedrum like drum sound presets for the digitone, or a good source for digitone drum patch building to get machinedrum type sounds?

The kicks and snares and hats are easy enough to make, but I’m referring to the weird long-decay evolving metallic resonant alien mechanical sounds. Can you get close to those type of sounds with the digitone’s available FM architecture? Machinedrum is physical modeling so the synthesis is happening all under the hood, but does it actually have a bunch more carriers and modulators than the digitone, or much more intricate FM architecture than just 8 options?

We had a lot of fun in this thread recently: Emulate EFM BD

Maybe you want to post a sample of what you’d like to recreate and we can theorize together?

I’ve never had a machinedrum, but I like every sound I’ve heard from it. :wink: