MachineDrum sequenced by Digitakt

Hi there,

I try to pilot my MachineDrum sps1 with my Digitakt. But I don’t know what happened with the midi communication, nothing is working. The sync is ok Machinedrum is slave but I can’t play notes from the digitakt to the machinedrum.
I made a video to show it. It’s better than my English :sweat_smile:

Your Global settings on the Machinedrum are OK. What synthesis machines are you using on the tracks (for example track 1) that you want to make sound?

Your MIDI CONFIG settings on the Digitakt are OK. But you seem to have chosen the wrong note value in MIDI Track A. You chose C2, which on the DT is MIDI note number 24, but your MD is set in the Map Editor to respond to MIDI note number 36 (confusingly labelled C2 on the MD).

Try using C3 (note number 36) on MIDI Track A of the Digitakt.


It works now. Thank you

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