Machinedrum Probabilistic Sampling, RAM Machines [video]


Probabilistic real-time sampling is possible on the Machinedrum UW through the use of the RAM record machines and a bit of clever setup. Quirks of using the RAM machines are explored, as well as the use of an audio input as a sampling and processing bus for internally generated sounds.

while reviewing the footage around 8:08 I realized that my example with the MIDI machine is most likely always going to be equivalent to using a RAM record machine on a higher numbered track, due to the MIDI loopback latency, and in my specific example the MIDI machine itself is on a higher numbered track as well. These implications did not occur to me while shooting the footage - although I remember being a bit confused when I first set up the probabilistic sampling - now I realize why it wasn’t quite doing what I expected

a more detailed examination of how probabilistic triggering and generative sequencing can be achieved on the Machinedrum UW


Always a pleasure to watch your videos ! Many thanks


thanks! this one was a bit trickier to do than the Octatrack one on conditional sampling, since there’s no fancy-pants waveform display to help illustrate what’s going on :grin: