Machinedrum power supply

I’m considering bidding on a listing for an sps1 , it reads that they’ve used a underrated power supply for the machine. Could this cause damage in the long run?

This is the power supply they used.

Thank you


From what I remember then it´s that if a PSU is run over it’s rated capability, voltages can drop considerably causing motherboard regulators to overwork to compensate which definitely isn’t great. So in short - yes it can cause damage I’m not really sure exactly what damage though. The damage will depend on the period of time it’s been used with the wrong PSU. I remember I had a computer with an underrated PSU which resulted in HDD corruption in the long run. Don’t really remember any other damage, but this was about 13 years ago so it’s been a while. So I’d definitely try another option if possible because nothing’s more depressing that getting hardware that’ll need service too soon. I really don’t understand why someone with an as lovely instrument as the Machinedrum wouldn’t take better care of it. Hope you find one! It’s an amazing tool!


Thank you!

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Just ordered a mint in box mkii :slight_smile:

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Amazing! You’re gonna love it!